They Were Expendable (John Bulkeley the PT Boat skipper who rescued General Douglas MacArthur during WWII)

Monday, 9 November 2009


Vice Admiral John Duncan Bulkeley (click on picture)

Admiral John D. Bulkeley made it clear that America would never willingly give up Guantanamo Bay, and would fight to keep it.  The legacy of his courage ensured our possession of Guantanamo Bay today.  According to the treaty, only abandonment will return this important American base to the communists.  If he were still around, Admiral Bulkeley would be astonished at how many Americans want to do just that.

For the full story on Admiral Bulkeley and his lifelong service to this nation, see “Sea Wolf, the Daring Exploits of a Navy Legend,” by William A. Breuer, Presidio Press, Novato, California, 1989

(JAG HUNTER here: I met Admiral Bulkeley in 1976 as a new Ensign aboard USS STERETT (CG – 31) , spoke to him a little, shook his hand in awe, thanks and gratitude)

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