Friday, 20 November 2009

Clemency Denied For Plymouth Marine In Jail!

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CAREER CRIMINAL BILL DELAHUNT...Say "buh bye" Bill! (Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe)

JAG HUNTER here with Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington:

“The specific allegation was that U.S. Marines detained Hashim [Ibrahim] Awad, 52, walked [Awad] away from his home, and shot [Awad] dead.”

And so began the murder case against Marine Sergeant Lawrence Gordon Hutchins, III and his squad of 8 – 7 Marines, one Navy Corpsman…the Camp Pendleton Eight.

Hashim Ibrahim Awad is still alive and working in OBAMA’S Homeland Security office for all we know.

We have no reason to believe Awad is dead.

There is no credible public evidence to believe Awad ever existed.

It’s simply impossible for the U.S. government to prove Awad was ever shot by U.S. Marines.

Still, the Camp Pendleton Eight are being punished for Awad’s murder.

26 April 2006 is the date given for the combat event.

Iraqi civilians reported their pretend relative Hashim Ibrahim Awad the victim of a Marine Corps murder.

Iraqi civilians who remain strangers and mystery witnesses gave Hashim Ibrahim Awad’s name to Naval Criminal Investigative Service special agents.

Hashim Awad, like OBAMA, has no papers. Awad’s life history before the 26 April 2006 combat event is unknown.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent James H. Connolly was the lead investigator.

Connolly never bothered to positively identify strangers offering “eye witness” testimony. Connolly never ID’d any of the “pretend” relatives. Connolly never positively identified Awad!

Connolly collected up a hair brush from someplace to use as DNA evidence.

Connolly and his NCIS cronies represented the brush belonged to Awad.  Some Iraqi mystery witness stranger told Connolly about the brush.

On 6 June 2006 Connolly and his NCIS goons exhumed a body of an unknown Iraqi man other Iraqis strangers reported to Connolly was Hashim Awad.

The identity of the body was and remains that of a stranger.

Connolly had the stranger’s body flown to the Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner, Dover Air Force Base, Delaware

Navy Doctor Commander Scott A. Luzi conducted an autopsy on 8 June 2006.

Connolly unlawfully identified the dead stranger to Doctor Luzi as an Iraqi man named Hashim Ibrahim Awad.

Again, it was a group of mystery witnesses Iraqi strangers who gave Connolly Awad’s name.

Dr. Luzi concluded the dead man was dead. Cause of death: Multiple gun shot wounds – Homicide.

Ace detective Connolly captured a bone fragment from Luzi’s autopsy that came from the dead stranger’s rib.

Connolly intended the bone fragment to be used in a DNA test comparing hair strands from the brush.

But Connolly knew the DNA samples didn’t match.

Connolly knew the DNA evidence wouldn’t hold up.

Connolly never conducted DNA testing regarding the dug up stranger!

The ghost!

Connolly’s investigation report is a ghost story! Pure fiction! Nothing but the product of Connolly’s imagination!

On 2 July 2007, at the time it was supremely relevant, Marine Corps JAG prosecutors advanced a motion to the military hearing officer requesting the autopsy be accepted as evidence for the prosecution.

Military hearing officer, Marine Lt. Col. Jeffrey Meeks, denied the government motion!

Sergeant Hutchins and his men were accused of murder.

The autopsy report proved their innocence.

The autopsy also further exposed the military discipline scheme for the pernicious iniquity reported over and over on these JAG HUNTER pages.

So court-martial officer Meeks kept the autopsy report out of public view.

But Tim and I have it.

One of the defense team in the Camp Pendleton Eight courts-martial sent a copy of Luzi’s autopsy report to Sergeant Harrington! Tim sent a copy to me.

I have it here now using it for this report. Tim and I have been writing about the hidden autopsy since March 2008.

By the way, none of Connolly’s stranger relatives or stranger “eye witnesses” ever showed up for public examination or cross-examination during the courts-martial!

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus knows all of this. Mabus’ decision announced Tuesday to toss out those CP8 members on active duty works to bury the bogus courts-martial deeper than the Iraqi stranger!

Reporters all over the country have access to this information since handed over to Tim and I.

But the reporters ignore the autopsy report.

Rick Rogers, Mark Walker, Teri Figueroa, Don Conkey, and Gidget Fuentes to name but a few print reporters.

Federal legislators aware of the outrages being visited upon the Camp Pendleton Eight include Representative William Delahunt (MA), and Delahunt’s chief advisor and attorney John Kivlin (Tim spoke to Kivlin earler this morning and Kivlin manifested to Tim every fear a politician experiences in the moments before a career ending exposition is foreseeable).

Norman Dicks and his staffers have known since 2006 (even before the autopsy was publicized). Dave Reichert and his staff know. Arizona Representative John Shadegg is on notice along with my Representative John Duncan. U.S. Senators Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Jon Kyl, Tennessee’s Corker and Alexander and John Kerry of Massachusetts along with so many more are all aware!

Then there are those Command Racketeers who are no more obedient to the Constitution than is the counterfeit OBAMA.

Look up the word ATTAINDER!

The autopsy and pathology reports are available on CD. They can be viewed by clicking here:


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