Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A Robert Hefner illustration


My experiences with folks who came to the Courthouse in support is beyond my ability to describe. Thank you all!

Interactions with the Monroe County Grand Jury “committee” yesterday were most unsatisfying, however…

TREASON is alive as a criminal accusation naming OBAMA! It was agreed yesterday the crime of TREASON CAN BE advanced against OBAMA in a Tennessee State criminal trial. It was established also the formal accusation for TREASON CAN BE advanced into a Federal criminal trial received from Tennessee State.

But we’re not there yet.

The Monroe County Grand Jury “committee”  was comprised of four men. Gary Pettway was absent. Monroe County Deputy Sheriff Byrum was present. The lead Juryman, standing at a speakers podium to my left was in contact with the County Prosecutor’s Office by cell phone.

It took 45-minutes for clarity and focus to take a seat in the room and participate in the deliberations.

The four Jurymen were not clear about the criminal actors or the particular crimes the four Jurors were to inspect.

There was a pointed conversation about what the four Jurors had been tasked to do.

The lead Juror, a retired community athletics coach and former Navy man, called a County prosecutor named “Paul” (I believe…”Coach” was speaking in low tones, at my back). The phone call between “Coach” and “Paul” lasted 10-12 minutes.

It should be observed as well the first half of the encounter was heatedly acrimonious.

“Coach” was told the four men were to consider only whether Gary Pettway (Foreman), and Assistant District Attorney James Stutts obstructed efforts on 3 September and 1 October 2009 to report criminal conduct to the full Grand Jury.

TREASON and FORGERY were the two specific criminal acts the four Jurors scrutinized as it went to the obstruction of STUTTS and PETTWAY.

Irrefutable proofs and evidences were advanced that TREASON and FORGERY were active crimes supported by hard documents.

By extension, STUTTS and PETTWAY are necessarily guilty of blocking the same information from the view of the full Monroe County Grand Jury.

The end result is this: The STUTTS and PETTWAY issue moves to the side. Interesting, but no longer relevant. Their obstructions are cleared away.

It is not clear when the full Monroe Grand Jury (numbering thirteen) will sit to receive the document record proving OBAMA’S criminal escapades. I’ll tell you all I know when I know. Updates will be posted hear.

There are numbers of folks who are better able to report yesterday’s activities that occurred outside the courtroom in public view. It’s better that they tell you about those events. I’ll link their writings here as they come in and as they’re found.

I can be reached by email: jaghunter1@gmail.com

The TREASON charges against OBAMA stick. There exists an open confession.

The four Grand Jurymen openly discussed yesterday a second criminal complaint from a Monroe County man naming OBAMA in commission of TREASON. The committee was unclear regarding the status of the second criminal accusation.

This comment came in to The JAG HUNTER yesterday afternoon at 1334 hours local (1:34 PM):

“I’m sure glad I live in a different state than you do.

“If I lived near you, I’d take the time to make a special trip to put a bullet right between your TREASONOUS eyes.

“I sure hope you (expletives) America-hating tea-bag waving traitors hurry up and have your civil war. I want to be the first kid on the block with a confirmed kill of a Republican!!!”

I’ll moderate this comment by reporting it today to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Monroe County Sheriff and local police.

The TREASON complaint must now be multiplied, then multiplied again, then multiplied again, then…(you get the idea), by all of you.

You can all do this in your own communities. Again: THE TREASON COMPLAINT STICKS!

Hey folks, the burden is shifted to you.

As it concerns OBAMA’S TREASON, we must no longer be looking at the first TREASON complaint, but be intently insisting and looking for the next TREASON complaint.


In closing allow this special extension of gratitude and support to Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington! Semper Fi Marine!

The charge I left with the four Grand Jurors is posted below.

Fair winds, following seas


  1. jen Says:

    Glory be to God.

  2. Jeanette Says:

    I’m so proud of you and all the people that were able to attend and encourage one another at the grand jury. Obama is America’s worst enemy, because he is in a position to do more harm than a normal person. The president has a lot a power and the government’s money to do us a lot of harm from within that he has already done. God Bless all of us who is willing to stand-up for God, America amd our family!!God bless you for your courage and strength!!!

  3. […] Lieutenant Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III posted his own update per his new site, TheJagHunter. The following are pertinent excerpts: Interactions with the Monroe County Grand Jury […]

  4. WeimMom Says:

    Thoughts and prayers with you, please be safe.

    You are a courageous man who should be commended for doing what is right.

  5. LisaInTX Says:

    LC Fitzpatrick,

    Holder, as Atty General, is protecting him IMO—and I ‘think” the block of Obama’s records can be fully contributed to his FIRST executive order that he signed right after swearing in as the president.
    I have the number saved somewhere–I’ll see if I can find it and post it here.
    God Bless you Sir for your dedication to our great nation.

  6. LisaInTX Says:

    Here it is…not sure if this helps or not?

    Executive Order 13489—Presidential
    Executive Order 13490—Ethics
    Commitments by Executive Branch
    Memorandum of January 21, 2009—

    Click to access E9-1712.pdf

  7. […] occasions to bring his criminal complaint against Obama to the Monroe County, TN grand jury but was unsuccessful. Fitzpatrick reported that there had been a second criminal complaint from a Monroe County resident […]

  8. […] asking the Monroe County grand jury to act on a criminal complaint of treason against Barack Hussein Obama, Fitzpatrick attempted to execute a citizen’s arrest […]

  9. […] has been vocal about widespread corruption in the Monroe County judiciary, grand jury, and sheriff’s department.  A Writ of Habeas Corpus was recently referred by the Monroe […]

  10. […] “doesn’t work…it has never worked.” Following a series of delays and denials from the local grand jury, Fitzpatrick discovered that Gary Pettway, the presumed foreman, had been […]

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