Captain of Marines Don Greenlaw sends in a quick update on Lt.Col. Chessani’s Board of Inquiry

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

1. Convened at 0800.

2. Recessed at 1700 until 0800 Tuesday.

3. No lunch break. Everything is done at the call of the Brig.Gen. (President). I believe the General must be on a diet.

4. Good witnesses today, put on by the prosecutor. Most backfired on him and all were very favorable for Lt.Col. Chessani.

5. The star witness was the former Regimental Commander (I believe Colonel Stanley Davis – He now heads up Spl Ops for the Marine
Corps). This gentleman is unflappable (if there is such a word). He had nothing, but the highest praise, in every respect, for LtCol Chessani. He is a former Recon Marine. I had a nice chat with him afterwards, and I can assure you, I don’t think you will ever see him throw one of his Marines under the bus. Keep your eye on this gentleman. He will go places.

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