Thursday, 10 December 2009

3 Responses to “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”

  1. speedy Says:

    I am very disappointed in this grand jury for not handing down the indictment for treason against the treasonous usurper. I think that these grand jury members are just as guilty of treason being that they had all the evidence in front of them that proves bo committed many counts of treason along with massive fraud. What is wrong with our justice system? Even the grand jury people are crooked and biased.

  2. speedy Says:

    I wonder what the next move will be now that these grand jury people refused to indict the treasonous usurper. How the heck will we be able to get some justice and have bo be held accountable for the treason and fraud. What a lousy grand jury in TN that they wouldn’t do the right thing and hand down the indictment like they are supposed to do.

  3. Dr Jay Says:


    Why no story about the grand jury, if you can call them that, but why no story of the decision to drop the ball on this?

    And why did you not publicize this more??

    So what happens next?

    Try it in another state??

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