Friday, 11 December 2009


There’s nothing to report. Nothing! No snail mail. No emails. No telephonic notice. Nothing!

All that’s out there is rumor.

Mean time, here’s an important read on “Elemental Truths.”


  1. speedy Says:

    I was hoping that what was on the right side of life was a rumor. It kind of got me worried. I hope that the grand jury does the right thing. It sickened me watching that fraud receiving a peace prize. He is the least candidate worthy of that type of prize. I don’t know what he did so grand that he deserved such a prize.

  2. Robert Says:

    speedy, he is selling us out to the European Union.

  3. Dr Al Says:

    The Constitution forbids a sitting CIC, even an illegal one from accepting any award from a foreign country for his personal gain. It rails against the doctrine of divided loyalties and is TREASON! So is sitting as the head of the UN security council! We have before us the most numerous and onerous acts of treason ever committed by a single individual against the US in it’s history, more than the combined total to date. Yet America sits idly by as Rome burns.

  4. billdavis Says:

    Thanks for the update,They say no news is better than bad news so maybe there is still a dog in this hunt.I hope so anyway.cheers

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