Saturday, 12 December 2009


The Monroe County Grand Jury so far refuses to hear the case regarding OBAMA’S TREASON. OBAMA’S TREASON IS STILL ON THE TABLE!

Related criminal charges also remain to be formally introduced to the Monroe County Grand Jury.

Presently we are awaiting formal written permission to appear before a full Grand Jury comprised of thirteen members.

We’ve been waiting since Wednesday, 2 December 2009.

A Grand Jury representative will announce the date of our appearance in writing, probably in the same letter wherein permission to appear is granted.

The Thursday, 10 December 2009 local newspaper report is dead wrong. Linking to the report would be just as wrong.

Staff writers for the Monroe County Advocate-Democrat newspaper who cover the Courthouse beat are:

Mr. Michael Thomason:

Phone: 1.423.442.4575 (Madisonville, Tennessee)

Mr. Tommy Millsaps:

Phone: 1.423.337.7101 (Sweetwater, Tennessee)

Ms. Mia Rhodarmer–Editor & Publisher–employs Staff Reporters Thomason and Millsaps. Email:

Mia’s telephone number: 1.423.337.7101.

Ms. Reneé Ezell is the Clerk to the Monroe County Grand Jury.

Clerk Ezell’s telephone number: 1.423.442.5936.


A select few are being notified on a moment’s notice regarding new information. After a brief time, new information is posted here.

Right now, you folks know what I know.

If you have questions call or email the people named above. Don’t expect truthful or informative answers.


  1. speedy Says:

    I hope that included with the evidence is all bo’s fake documents that are posted on the internet such as his fake COLB, fake selective service paper (treason), multiple social security numbers that Orly has on her dossier. None of those social security numbers were ever issued to him, nor were any of them issued in HI. BO has to be the worst ever.

  2. maggie passaro Says:

    I always come here for your updates…then I know I can depend on it being valid and the truth.By the way, MERRY CHRISTMAS Walter, and thank you !!!

  3. Florence Says:

    I want to see proof of his citizenship and it is not a birth certificate. He became an Indonesian citizen as a youth and enjoyed the abilities of a passport from there to go to Pakistan, when US citizens were banned. So exactly when did he cease to be an Indonesian citizen? After graduate school? Then of course there is the fact that he is not a natural born citizen because his father was not an American? He may be a citizen of the United States of America but he is not a “natural born citizen.”

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