Thursday, 24 December 2009

Another gift from Robert Hefner

A Robert Hefner illustration


I must demand OBAMA-SOETORO’S immediate public arrest for TREASON!

I further demand OBAMA-SOETORO’S expedited TREASON TRIAL! I must demand a death penalty be aggressively pursued.

Upon conviction and sentencing I demand OBAMA-SOETORO’S public execution so as to exploit the death penalty deterrent value to its maximum effect.

On 16 December 2009, free from constitutional restraint, OBAMA-SOETORO criminally invested the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) with despotic domestic and secret police power over United States Citizens that is also unconstrained under the United States Constitution.

International police now act freely upon U.S. soil wherever they please holding more police power over you than local or state law enforcement agencies. INTERPOL agents can secretly arrest and detain U.S. Citizens for breeches of supposed international, non-U.S. laws.

OBAMA-SOETORO subjugates U.S. Citizens to arrest by INTERPOL secret police and prosecution by international criminal courts.

OBAMA-SOETORO invested U.S. servicemen with the same unrestrained and unconstitutional domestic police power on 10 March 2009 in Samson, Alabama. No doubt emboldened by the absence of any constitutional criminal consequence OBAMA-SOETORO has publicly and officially abandoned the United States Constitution.


OBAMA-SOETORO must be placed under arrest instantly before any  INTERPOL secret policeman comes knocking at your door or mine!

Beyond federal law enforcement response to protect U.S. Sovereignty and our Constitution I must demand an emergency assembly of the MONROE COUNTY GRAND JURY! Response to the criminally outrageous trespasses upon State Sovereignty must begin here in the Volunteer State. TREASON is already on the table in Tennessee!

This amends and extends standing criminal complaints. My formal mailings will be made on Saturday, 26 December 2009.

Arrest OBAMA-SOETORO TODAY! Time is not a friend!


Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Evidence supporting these demands: Here and here.



  1. Jeanette Says:

    What is wrong with the American people? Where is the military to protect America? I am ashamed of the Republican party because they know Obama/Barry Soetoro is a #1 enemy of all Americans especially Christains.
    We need a good civil war or whatever it takes to clean Washington, DC totally out and start over. The Supreme Court judges are sold out to Obama and the sorry pieces of trash that they are. America please wake up!

  2. 12th Generation AMERICAN Says:

    Since no U.S law official is willing to arrest Soetoro, maybe Interpol can now arrest him through his own issued authority to them?!?!?!

  3. Robert Says:

    As to Soetoro’s proper punishment, I have TWO questions. (A) Firing squad?… or … (B) Hanging?

  4. thistle Says:

    I fear for our beloved military as well as the American people. I think those of our military, who are loyal to their country and to the Constitution will be the first to go, then civilian patriots, then lawyers, then judges. This whole thing is to disarm America & get rid of opposition, swiftly & behind the scenes, their hopes that the nation as a whole will not know what’s going on. I have passed this information on to everyone, and hope that it will go viral on the net. But it seems that most people are afraid to pass it around, or don’t believe it at all. God help us!!!

  5. Runninbear Says:

    Of all the lies that he has told ,written about in his books that the terrorist Bill Ayers helped him write when will the American people wake up and see this usurper for what he has reveled about his own life that has been proved he was lying to make it more readable?This man has lied about being a Muslim and then we see him praying to allah and not respecting the christian faith that he claims to be one,but he refuses to take time to celebrate the christian holy days?This man isn’t what he claims to be and is what he says A Muslim,he supports Cair ,Acorn,and refuses to call terrorists acts on US soil what they are.I am praying the people will get enough of his lies and deciet and shaddow goverment and they will stop this Usurper from doing any more harm than he has done already?

  6. Jim McMahon Says:

    God Bless you Commander Fitzpatrick. Let me know what I can do to help.

  7. Dr. G. Says:

    Look, evidence is not the problem. Nor are the hundreds of thousands law enforcement people who flagrantly refuse to act upon their solemn oath(s) to protect and defend their employers, i.e., us and the constitution.
    the truth is we all have only one problem with arresting soetoro, aka, obama… that is simply that the USSS HAS MORE GUNS THAN GOD. Further, they have the authority to call on as many military personnel as they need to do their job–seemingly.
    this situation is doubly sad in that the agents have seen with their own eyes what he’s done and is doing. And NO they can’t be subpoenaed, i.e., made to say for the record what they know to be fact.
    so who’s left? actually; the congress, the senate and/or the not so-supreme court or a special prosecutor (and perhaps one or two others in government, depending on who interprets the law).
    So is there a solution? maybe. It would have to be someone with VERY deep pockets (a conservative billionaire for example) someone willing to put the country ahead of profit–like that’s ever going to happen.
    It is also interesting to remember that one of the reasons for the French revolution was that that government nearly went bankrupt funding the American revolution–at the behest of Ben Franklin.

  8. sharona Says:

    What can we do to make this happen. We need a leader with a plan we can take action and get real results. It blows my mind how openly this man is destroying this country will little resistance, right before our eyes, nothing! Is it really over for America? No resistance? Everyday the chances for us to make it became less the mighty o govt is bulilding its forces in numbers and arms, it’s not good folks. But we all know that don’t we?

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