I’m ordering you Mr. FBI Agent Lambert to cause the arrest of Soetoro-Obama immediately!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Friday, 25 December 2009

Special Agent Richard L. Lambert, Jr.
Federal Bureau of Investigation – Knoxville
John J. Duncan Building
710 Locust Street – Suite 600
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

Special Agent Lambert:

Barry Soetoro, also known as Barack Hussein Obama does not recognize the United States Constitution as American government or American law.

Do you?

16 December 2009: Soetoro-Obama forcibly subjugates United States Citizens to secret police power the United States Constitution prohibits. International criminal “police officers,” freely operate on American soil obedient to international law unknown to the United States Constitution. Soetoro-Obama commits TREASON in his totalitarian imposition of a rival foreign government and foreign laws forced under threat upon U.S. Citizens to destroy United States constitutional government and United States constitutional law. Emboldened from his successful March 10, 2009 test in Samson, Alabama Soetoro-Obama fully exercised his newly received power under Soetoro-Obama’s rule of man. International criminal police are empowered by laws not known in the United States of American to actively and knowingly “pervade the activities of civilian law enforcement officials.” Soetoro-Obama again subjects [American Citizens] “to the exercise of military power that [is] regulatory, proscriptive and compulsory in nature.” Soetoro-Obama continues his forced restrictions on “the freedom of movement of civilian persons.”

10 December 2009: Soetoro-Obama received a payoff and bribe from foreign governors, foreign agents rewarding, celebrating and encouraging Soetoro-Obama’s continuing TREASON against the United States and its Citizens.

24 September 2009: Soetoro-Obama swore his allegiance under a foreign government and a foreign flag. Soetoro-Obama committed TREASON against the United States operating as a principal agent in a foreign government obedient to a foreign constitution having himself successfully infiltrated into U.S. government at its highest level.

11 August 2009: Soetoro-Obama announced an ongoing practice of ex post facto law enforcement in the United States: “We are not going to sit by at the Department of Homeland Security and wait for change in the laws. We’re going to enforce the laws that are, but we can reform what we’re doing as we wait for reform in the law, and that is exactly what is going on.”

27 – 31 August 2009: Soetoro-Obama orders the conduct of National Law Enforcement Exercise 2009 (NLE 09). All U.S. federal military and law enforcement departments and agency’s senior officials, their deputies, staff and key operational elements were forced to participate in stark violation of U.S. constitutional mandates. Violating U.S. Sovereignty and individual State’s Sovereignty state, tribal, local, and private sector departments and agencies were forced to participate. Soetoro-Obama allowed foreign military forces from Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom to train shoulder to shoulder with American servicemen on American soil in preparation for the enforced subjugation of American Citizens. NLE 2009’s target enemy were people such as myself who’ve sworn an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution with our lives.

10 March 2009: Soetoro-Obama forcibly and violently imposed military force against U.S. Citizens in Samson, Alabama in a test to measure newly received power under Soetoro-Obama’s rule of man. U.S. Army soldiers actively and knowingly “pervaded the activities of civilian law enforcement officials.” Soetoro-Obama “subjected [American Citizens] to the exercise of military power that was regulatory, proscriptive and compulsory in nature.” Soetoro-Obama forcibly restricted “the freedom of movement of civilian persons.”

Soetoro-Obama levies war on the United States and its Citizens in his use of force to disobey to the United States Constitution. Soetoro-Obama is so far supremely successful in the conduct of a criminal adventure that subjugates Americans to a totalitarian international government.

Soetoro-Obama’s war on American’s, with his war on the Constitution represents open rebellion that truly constitutes a genuine national emergency…a constitutional emergency. Crimes are hourly committed against the Constitution with breathtaking success in destroying America’s form of government. Soetoro-Obama is a threat to national security. Soetoro-Obama is a threat to my life, and the lives of my children, and generations of their children.

Soetoro-Obama is a clear and present danger to us all!

Soetoro-Obama is guilty of TREASON! Soetoro-Obama is a foreign-born domestic enemy, an Infiltrator.

Your duty Mr. FBI Special Agent Lambert is plain!

Our Constitution is not negotiable.
Not one single part!
Not ever!
I will never back down!
I will never surrender!

I’m ordering you Mr. FBI Agent Lambert to cause the arrest of Soetoro-Obama immediately.

Should you fail in your duty sir understand I will not fail in mine.

So many others and I volunteered under an oath that does not expire. In keeping with the History of the English Speaking Peoples, in keeping with the History of the American Peoples, we will find a way to defend our Constitution, or we shall make one.

Beware the fury of Patient Men!

Obedient to my oath to the Constitution, I remain…

Born fighting. May Father God have His hand upon us all,


Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

United States Navy Retired
United States Naval Academy Class of 1975

8 Responses to “I’m ordering you Mr. FBI Agent Lambert to cause the arrest of Soetoro-Obama immediately!”

  1. Margie Says:

    Where are the Real Men at? When will folks uphold their Oath’s? The Law of nations defines natural boen citizen, OUR Constitution states to punish those with offences against the Law of Nations.

  2. romulus Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I hope you win. Your victory will not be your own. It will be the victory of all free men.

    I have watched from abroad. I have learned the fundamentals of the complaints and allegations. And I too, have concluded Obama is NOT your president.

    I fear, personally, that he is already leaking sensitive material, to the Kenyan Government, in order to prepare for his home-coming and future dictatorship of that nation, once he has finished plundering the national wealth of the United States of America, and submitting those citizens to foreign governance and debt, instead of the constitutional values, to which, all stood to inherit prior to Obama’s usurpation of your nations top office.

    I understand, that many military votes were discarded without ever being counted in the last election. Surely, many other servicemen and women must be aware of this? Is this not enough for them to be AWOL? They were not alowed a vote, so why should they serve out there contract, if that contract was violated? Thats just my opinion, but I think it’s a valid one.

    I also understand that Obama made threats against the congress, and bribed senators into supporting health care reform. Financial gain to supporting states, at the expense of taxpayers of others, should be viewed as discrimination. Would you agree? Why should a government be allowed to discriminate against a states citezenry? Thats a question I would like answered in public!

    I realise that there are many versions of events surrounding the actual citizenship of Obama. In my opinion, all the cases have valid points and arguments. I hope yours does well, but it seems to me, that they are stalling you until they can prove you to be absent of mind and a threat to the national security. I know you are not scared, but I am…….so i asked if the Berg team might look into your case. They may, or may not, read my request. So far, they have answered my reasonable requests, and I hope that this will be the case for you also. I hope that this does not offend or insult you, as it is merely my way of trying to ensure your tongue is not cut off mid sentence!

    I note, that the Christmas period has not allowed you to rest easy. I feel the same, which is why, today, I still look for cracks in Obama’s armor and lies in his propaganarists reports. Just for example, perhaps you could search the credentials and reports of one “Jamie Freeze”, who would seem to project that you, sir, are an imbecile, although indirectly.

    I will be watching for your case ruling, and hopefully, will direct a few patriots your way in order to support your efforts.

    May you grow in strength with your years, good sir, and good luck.

    I’ll be around, watching, count on it.


  3. speedy Says:

    I hope that someone in the FBI will comply with this request. BO must be arrested. We can’t have a Saddam Hussein type leader in our country who fights against the people. Our military fights for the freedom of other countries and bo is working against that and is taking away our freedom. He should be held accountable for all the crimes he has committed.

  4. Runninbear Says:

    I too feel that Obama/Soetoro is an usurper of the office of the president and I feel he his subverting the very contitution that has governed us for the past 200 plus years and this british borned /Indonsesian citizen must be exposed for what he has done.The level of cottuption and bribes that has been called legislation is the bigest conspiracy to defraud the american people and He must be removed from doing any more harm and waste of taxpayers money to hide what every American has been proud to produce and must produce to go to school,get a license, to drive a car and get married,and to confirm the death of every American,
    This usurper who has ridculed the Americans for defending the rights of oppressed people here and aboard,this man has constantly belittled,berated and disgraced the American people and the soldiers who gave their lives and are buried on foriegin soil to defend the rights of other countries to be free.
    He has created a shadow goverment,appointing czars who nobody knows who they report to or how they get paid?and now he has forced all americans to buy insurance that is Uncontitutional.From the day he usurped the office of POTUS he has lied and defrauded the voters and americans that know he and the DNC has known from the frist that his eligliblity was in question.John McCain was vetted and Passed the process and the supreme court said he was and is a Natural borne citizen,and Obama/Soetoro is an illgall alein thatsome how skirted the vetting process that every american that has run for office has been Required to go through.When they ask Obama/Soetoro if he has had any other names he lied?when they ask him to produce his medical records he released a 6 paragraph and when John McCain was ask he released over 1500 pages.This British born/kenyan/ indonesian citizen is unqualified to run or to even hold this office and the people who was responsible for his vetting and others who knowingly had his name put on the DNC party for candidacy of the democratic party is as guilty as Obama /Soetoro himself,for these and other crimes that Obama/Soetoro has commited must be held accountable.
    He must be stopped before he bank rupts america and destroys the contitution. I urge all americans to stand up and act and do your duty as Americans?he must be held for his treasonable acts against the american people and this country

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  6. thistle Says:

    Jag…I’ve wanted to respond to this for 2 days, but words to express the depth of my feelings wouldn’t surface. So instead, I thank you for everything you are doing, your courage and dedication. I thank you for speaking for me, my husband, my children, grandchildren, our Constitution and our nation. If my father were alive (who served in the Navy for 27 1/2 years) he would salute you, and it would be well deserved!

  7. Jerry M Smith Says:

    We must get rid of this Muslim president ASAP!

  8. John Says:

    I’m from and live in Canada and I have been watching him destroy America in shock that He has got this far and I think the problem is is that so many of them have stolen money and lied and covered up things and its like they have all had their hands in the treasury and now after so many years it has all caught up to them. And if one goes then the others involved in any of this at one time go with them so its like they have to look out for eachother and cover eachother knowing they can blackmail eachother. What they don’t understand is that its not going to go away its just going to keep building up but they are so confident that they would rather take the chance that Americans will refuse to force them out if they won’t step down. And its beeter to be resovled peacefully, but they have shown its not going to happen and that isnt going to change and we can be sure that since they refuse to step down we can be sure that they must have a plan or are coming up with a plan that will somehow make this go away even if its short-term. But this is been going on not just in Obama’s presidentcy but past ones as well. So it has to end sometime and we know they will keep going forever if we don’t stop them, so this has to happen this is been going on for to many Presidentcies of ones Presidentcie’s lies after another so the longer this goes on the harder it will be to stop it if possible at all and if it goes on longer it will just get more dangerous becasue they have to keep changing laws to keep up with their lies and it just so happens that what protects them hurts us. And they show they don’t care and im sorry but they need to be dragged out and in any other Country it would of happened along time ago with Obama especially. I mean Bush declares war on the American people to cover up his lies did you actually think that he did that to protect Americans from Americans and do we actually think that he started the patriot act to benifit or protect American’s. Anytime anyone or any griup starts to gain progress in convicting him or others they seem to pass a law or create a distraction except now all the lies have built up enough for not dealing with it years ago that they can now only protect themselves by permitly changing what America is all together and thats why Bush made sure Obama got elected he knew that Obama wants revenge on Americans for the past and on top of that he dident want any president replacing him that would investiagte 9/11 like the people want so thats why election fraud was used. Obama more than likely promised Bush he woulden’t allow him to be convicted or allow 9/11 to be reinvestiagted the right way. And that’s why Obama gave him immunity over it not long ago as soon as 9/11 truthers made progress and even got firefighters to testify and come forward. A few days later Obama gives him Immunity. So Bush sold America and Americans out to an enemy just to cover his ass and cheny and everyone else involved. So its clear they must destroy the Patriot and the Constitution once in for all or they wil live their life constantly trying to avoid anyone from getting in office that is for the people and listens to the people. So that’s why they say it only gets worse right and so would we rather deal with it now while we still barely can or do we leave it for our kids to do in the future when it will be that much harder and that much more dangerous being that the lies only increase to keep it covered up. So in a way just because 9/11 lies ar war criminals like Bush we have to give up our Country and our Children’s future just so a few morons can live safely. He sold our Country to an enemy and its shocking to accept it but that’s reality so now you need Patriots who don’t scare into silience, and just imagine how you would expalin to you children when their slaves how you could of stopped it but didn’t because you waited to long. Im not racist but its a fact that when you mix cultures at a mass amount that our culture will not survive and it helps destroy who we are and waht our Country is and that’s why Obama wants borders opened and wants to give illegals amiesty. He is just one Man like you in me and we need to remember that when we start to think that we can not accomplish getting him out of office without the rest of the crooked systems support. They can be done without its not that big of a deal and they want us to think they we need them and that we would fall apart without them but what do they do really, the steal our money while pretending that their job can’t be done by any but them. Remeber all men our equal, and this would be a great story to tell your grand children how you saved America from Slavery and Death, I mean we will be part of History but do we want to go down in History as Losers and Cowards or Wimps, or do we impress our 4 Fathers and keep America strong in the History books. Arrest Obama because you don’t know what you had until you lose it and I know with all my heart that shall we fail we will live in deep regret and so many other generations will be confused as to why we did nothing. How do you want to be greeted by the Four Father when you go to Heaven do they look down at you in shame or do them stand tall with their chest out saluting you. I think the Constitution is an amazing Miracle and Im Canadian and Jealous of it because America is the only Country actually founded by Principles. I mean some Countires are about praying to a statue or a god, and some Countries are about how they dress and use clothing to represent what their Country is about and what they are founded on, and some use turbans, and some use myth’s and America is ran and founded on Princilpes and God given rights and that’s what mad other Countries strive to be like America and its what made other Countries Citizens want and dream of coming to America it being to them the land of oppurtunity. That’s something to be proud of and does America want to give that all up over a cold hearted heart-less Human Being who was willing to kill everyone on earth just to get away with his crimes. Someone who doesn’t mind allowing a terriost run and destroy America as long as He doesn’t allow America to convict him when in power. So they all have to protect eachother even the Media because they knew the truth about 9/11 to and homeland did, im hearing even seret service did , and the NSA did and so many of our Security protection agencies knew and that’s bad because they are what we need to force someone like Obama out of house when they break the law and refuse to step down. So I wonder did the top Military Generals know to because they seem to not want to arrest Obama either. But one thing for sure is that they don’t want anyone to be President who is for the peple and that’s why they lie and try to destroy the tea party and ron paul and CNN pretends he doesn’t even exist know one even knows who he is from mainstrea media news. They keep him in the dark atleast they try to but people know and are waking up now and mainstream is bias we know that for sure but if he gets away with the high crimes he has committed then what do you go to jail for I mean its going to make other do the same thing knowing they can get away with it and as it goes on more and more will steal from us and your children and they won’t stop until they are forced to stop and believe be they want you to deal with it peacefully without force even when he refuses to step down becasue they got most of the justice system on their secret pay roll and if not nothings stopping them from trying if they need to and so they need time just a little bit mor etime until they can make it so any justice for anything is gone for good so they can stop having to coverup and continue being pursued. So anything you dont agree with that’s fine I respect others opinion’s but I do believe this and im not racist or trying to offend anyone at all just that Im Canadian and you guys are my Neighbors and therefore im worried and care about what’s happening to your Country and even here with the g8/g20 crap im seeing how the exact same things are starting to be done here as far as transforming Canada into something we don’t want but are forced to accept and that’s not how things work thats not legal and if we don’t act on it then it invites more people like Obama andI dont mean black I mean political wise, becasuse when your weak you get taken advantage of and we show the world we cant get control of our own Country and that is sad. They make it seem like its lame or stupid or extreme to finally if he refuses to step down go there and with others arrest him. But NO that’s your duty that’s what you job is to do and if it is stupid or extreme then what is the point of a cop having a Gun in case they need it. Oh but obama never phisically hurt anyone breaking that kind of law yeah your right but he has refuses to step down so then what should your hands be tied then and should we have no choice then to just let him keep the Country and let him keep doing what he’s doing which is destroying our rule of law and punishing us for his own ammusement. I don’t Think So whoever arrest him will be a hero.

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