Kansas State Trooper Greg Evensen says, “Convene Grand Juries in every county of America…”

Monday, 28 December 2009



A Robert Hefner illustration

“Now, let me be very clear. Americans have been brutalized by tyrannical government long enough. Soviet style law making must be ended. The politicians responsible for our economic, military and banking catastrophes must be arrested, tried and sentenced for their crimes ¬without exception and everywhere they have ruled. Nazi style security, surveillance, cameras and satellite GPS census systems must be located and shut down. Lawless judges, police officials, and rogue military personnel must themselves be brought to justice for the violations of their oath of office and the corruption left in their wake.

“I cannot emphasize enough that this all needs to be done in a quick, peaceful and dignified manner and done so immediately. Forget the damned feel good “tea party” speeches that these scurrilous bastards laugh at and do something.

“You, who complain that writers like me outline problems and offer no solutions and you want action paths, then convene Grand Juries in every county of America, WITH OR WITHOUT THE “CONSENT” OF THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM.”

Here’s the rest…

2 Responses to “Kansas State Trooper Greg Evensen says, “Convene Grand Juries in every county of America…””

  1. Lawrence Burnham Says:

    What was the result of attempting to have obama arrested for treason on 12/26/09. Is there any progress being made from Grand Jury indictments? I would like to see some response from these indictments in the news. By getting on the news, more exposure. possibly a better chance of success. More public support may assist on the goals of JAG.

  2. Robert Says:

    Hush your mouth, Laurence! Can’t you see the King has no clothes?

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