Army Captain (Aviator) Neil Turner writes…

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Robert Hefner illustration

Neil opines:

This may not have the impact of Rachel Maddow bashing Obama-Soetoro, but it is shorter and more to the point. It’s amazing how overlooked this speech over 7 months ago has been.

One of Neil’s cohorts writes:

Is Obama going against his own principles and convictions?

Is he caving into those who believe that our fight against radical Jihad Muslims is a life and death fight, and that the future of our country is at stake?

What kind of a man is he to think that he has the right to hold someone against their will for an indefinite amount of time?

Is this the same man who was so much against these practices when it was the Bush Administration doing it, but now that it is his Administration doing it, he is just fine with it, that it is now somehow necessary?

I for one believe that it was just as necessary to indefinitely detain these people when Bush was President as it is now; we are at war.

So now I strangely find myself agreeing with Obama on a matter of national security. But I guess that it is not all that strange because I have always said that I will support Obama when he does the right thing, so that is what I am doing.

We are at war with these Jihads who seek our destruction, so just like in other wars, when you capture one of the enemy, you lock them up until the war is over, and that is what we are doing. How much sense would it make to just let them go and hope that they will somehow have a change of heart?

That would be foolish. So like President Obama said, if we cannot convict them on anything, and yet we know that they want to do harm to our country and its citizens, then we have no choice but to hold them until the war has been concluded.

I also agree with Obama when he says that we must make this policy into a law so that we can do these things with the blessings of the congress and the courts, not just on the orders of the President.

In this way we can have a President who follows the rule of law, and not one who does whatever he pleases because he thinks that it is best.

Some might wonder why I make fun of Obama in this video if I agree with him on this issue. I’ll tell you the reason, it’s because I feel he is being a hypocrite about the issue. He repeated many times during the campaign that he was against detaining people at Guantanamo Bay for an indefinite amount of time without giving then a trial. I also just like to make fun of him because it is fun to do, and it is my right. But mainly I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of his new policy; his hypocrisy seems to have no limits.


One Response to “Army Captain (Aviator) Neil Turner writes…”

  1. billdavis Says:

    Well unlike one of Neil’s cohorts,I will NOT support
    Obama in anything he does because quite simply,this man is illegal and has absolutely no authority to do anything whatsoever.Many Patriots have stood up trying to get too the truth but Mr.Obama simply believes himself too be above any truth.So therefore
    my desire is to see this man arrested and sent to jail,where he belongs,just like any other common criminal.Just my opinion.

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