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Friday, 1 January 2010

A Robert Hefner illustration

JOAN SWIRSKY sent this report regarding SOETORO-OBAMA’S aiding and abetting his terrorist friends and our American’s enemies…click here. By the way SOETORO-OBAMA is simultaneously pushing for our NAVY SEALS’ attainder courts-martial!

2 Responses to “Welcome to…”

  1. speedy Says:

    More crimes committed by usurper bo.


  2. Robert Says:

    O Bama’s Executive Order modifying EO#12425 is his biggest Treasonous outrage to date. It will allow INTERPOL to search, seize and detain without warrants. Should we join the ICC, we can be tried and convicted in World Courts for just about any right that our Constitution stands for. I could be sent to prison for wearing my “Allah Sucks” T-shirt as that would be considered a “hate crime”. Which brings us to the fact that Harold Koh, legal adviser to O Bama’s Justice department believes that “Sharia Law has it’s place in the United States”.

    O Bama’s XO is TREASON!

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