“Really bad juju” – Executive Order Establishing a “Council of Governors” – TREASON in pictures

Monday, 18 January 2010

A Robert Hefner illustration


Soetoro-Obama-Dunham (SOD), we’ll just call him “Steve” signed an Executive Order on 12 January 2009. Steve’s newest Executive Order is described here as but one more act of TREASON. Former Air Force Captain Mac McDougall read the unconstitutional directive and then:

“…added a segment from paragraph 2 to a segment from paragraph 4 and amazingly it looks just like the mission statement for an operations order. This is really bad juju.”

(mission) “synchronization and integration of state and federal military activities in the United States”


(forces) “U.S. Northern Command commander, the commandant of the Coast Guard, and the chief of the National Guard Bureau.”

Now let’s take a look in pictures at the sorts of activities the federal government wants to “synchronize and integrate” with state governments using “Steve the SOD’s” board of state governors as a transition team bent on complete elimination of your state’s sovereignty. Pay close attention!


One Response to ““Really bad juju” – Executive Order Establishing a “Council of Governors” – TREASON in pictures”

  1. speedy Says:

    I hope that the jury in Monroe County will hurry up and listen to the treason charges against bo. Every day bo commits more treason. How much treason is this usurper going to get away with? Bo is fighting the American people instead of the terrorist enemies.

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