It’s about the Constitution…

Thursday, 21 January 2010

2 Responses to “It’s about the Constitution…”

  1. Jedi Pauly Says:

    Kind of overstating things a bit aren’t we? I do not hold much hope that this new elected senator will be any different than the rest. I think your video is premature until we see what this guy represents. After all, he is still a republicrat and probably up for sale like the rest. There is no reason yet to believe he represents any change or the things that patriotic Americans are about. He is probably as corrupted by wealth as anyone.

  2. thistle Says:


    Googled and it states what he believes on the issues:

    a.) GUNS……..he supports 2nd amendment
    b.) DEATH PENALTY…….some crimes are so heinous that they deserve capital punishment
    c.) MARRIAGE…….He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, but states should be free to make their own laws in this area.
    d.) ISREAL………he supports a 2-state solution but Isreal has to have the right to exist.
    e.) IMMIGRATION………is for strong borders and is against giving illegals licenses and in-state tuition. He is also against amnesty. Also supports employment verification system.
    f.) ENERGY……….for alternate energy but against cap and trade.
    g.) ABORTION……..believes we should reduce # of abortions, states should regulate, supports parental consent & notification requirements, and opposes partial birth abortions.
    h.) VETS……..supports benefits for returning vets and supports benefits to the family of those killed in action.
    i.) HEALTH CARE………supports health care but not the one being put through at this time.
    j.) TAXES…….supports lower taxes
    k.) IRAN………supports a bipartisan Iran sanctions bill until Ahmadinejad gives up his nuclear ambitions.

    Hope this is helpful to you and anyone else who is interested. I, too, hope he doesn’t go to Washington and become corrupted, but that’s all we can hope for with any candidate we put in office.

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