Yes…that is TREASON!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

25 year old Adis Medunjanin of Queens, New York traveled to Pakistan to train with al Qaeda and kill Americans. Isn’t that treason?

Translation: “When you go to meet your 72 virgins…make sure your underwear is clean”

Thanks to Judy Zabik for the cartoon!

One Response to “Yes…that is TREASON!”

  1. I stumbled on your site while reading I llove your site. I too can’t stand this horrid evil man who pulled the wool over many eyes.
    I don’t know if you can blame it on blacks who were so eager to elect one of their own, liberals who believed he was the second coming, yuppies who thought his speaking was a gift instead of just good reading, Hollywood who thought he was a charmer, or the Oprah factor. In any event, we got this stinker.
    Those of us who researched this man, listened to Hannity warning us to pay attention, all the negative from the right, were not fooled, but there weren’t enough of us to ward off the voter fraud, and get our butts to the polls to defeat this doofus.
    Amazing how he just didn’t have to account for many things that other candidates had to tell the public. When do you think we will ever see his birth certificate, grades, medical check up,thesis,tax infomation? Never!
    keep up the good work. I am trying to get my blog started to give fed up conservatives another forum.

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