Timothy B. Hennis seeks relief from court-martial

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hennis’ court-martial is set to begin [Tuesday] March 2.

U.S. District Judge Terrence Boyle will hold a hearing Friday [26 February] in federal court in Raleigh on whether the military can try Hennis.

Martha Quillin reporting (more…)


From the archives (one-year ago this day)

  • Mr. Obama’s practice of attainder courts-martial are clearly criminal. There exists uncounted criminal complaints filed with the Justice Department going to the specific criminal business of attainder courts-martial. Mr. Obama may be additionally, criminally charged for every contemporary attainder punishments visited upon any U.S. Serviceman since 20 January 2009.

  • Only a legitimate CIVILIAN commander in chief may command or punish personnel held under jurisdiction of America’s War Articles (or the Uniform Code of Military Justice – UCMJ). Absent a legitimate CIVILIAN commander in chief, subordinate uniformed and civilian military governors are stripped of the authority to punish U.S. serviceman.


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