Schumer and Graham attempting to force a mandatory national biometric ID system on U.S. Citizens!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

One based on the German model…“Earlier this month, a biometric ID card was introduced at a large technology show in Hanover, Germany. The card is mandatory for all Germans on November 1, 2010. “The card has three functions: 1. biometric identity verification, 2. electronic identity verification, 3. authenticated electronic signature…”

Germany has introduced a biometric national ID card. It will be required of all citizens beginning November 1, 2010. "WOW! Everybody could have one of these one day!"

By entering a single number doctors operating in the blind can find out about your entire medical history and more with just the touch of a computer key.

New technology suggested by Schumer and Graham makes it possible for you–for instance–to communicate with emergency workers and doctors if let’s say you’re badly injured in a rock climbing accident.

Emergency room staffers and doctors praise the new technology pointing out the comfort trauma victims enjoy knowing that they can be immediately identified and categorized far outweighs any personal privacy concerns they might entertain.

It’s just like putting a needle under your skin.

“A biometric ID system is not about securing the border or preventing terrorism. It is about tracking citizens.”


One Response to “Schumer and Graham attempting to force a mandatory national biometric ID system on U.S. Citizens!”

  1. Tim Says:

    Powerful post…How’d you do that?

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