Health-Care Bill not dead ’till the Zombie-woman sings…

Friday, 12 March 2010

Robert Hefner writes:

The House, under Nancy Pelosi can adopt the Senate ObamaCare bill in it’s entirety and pass it thereby eliminating a House/Senate compromise vote.  It would then go to O Bama’s desk for signing into law.  Once a law it’s subject to the reconciliation process. However, should the House vote their acceptance of the 2,000 + page Senate monstrosity, reconciliation would be over taken by events as no longer necessary. Pelosi dosen’t have the votes in the House to pass the Senate version. Her power to strong-arm the needed votes is severely weakened as many House Democrats face the mid-term election. Still it’s not dead ’till the zombie-woman sings.

A Robert Hefner illustration


2 Responses to “Health-Care Bill not dead ’till the Zombie-woman sings…”

  1. Don in California Says:

    With all the talk about the healthcare bill, no one has yet stated where in the Constitution congress has the authority to mandate anything much less healthcare. Stop the bill until a Constitutional Amendment is passed authorizing congress to force citizens to buy a product.

  2. bill Says:

    @Don in California #1
    Yes sir,I agree.The bottom line for me regardless of
    ANY of this nonsense that is being put forth is the very fact We The People do NOT have a legal President or CIC.Therefore EVERYTHING being done is ILLEGAL.When the American people finally know the absolute truth,and WE WILL!,Then Our country will heal herself. Thanks for your post. cheers

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