Canada Free Press articles of interest

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sher Zieve: Obama Delays trip to implement Chi thug-style persuasion for ObamaCare

It’s time to act or submit to our own bondage and ultimate untimely deaths.

Sher Zieve: Obama openly Rules against the Will of the Governed and now their Lives

Communist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is reported by a congressman to have recently said that she will push ObamaCare through in “any way possible.”

Daniel T. Zanoza: Health Care Reform: Nothing To Do With Health Care: It’s About Control

…health care reform has little to do with providing better medical services. In reality, it is a giant first step on the way to European-style socialism and the intrusion of Big Brother in to the lives of us all.

Ron Ewart: Every American is A Criminal, Or Soon Will Be

The more Americans that resist this government for exceeding its constitutional powers, the greater the chance we can relieve them of those powers.

Jim Kouri: Snitches, rats and squealers: Obama’s counterterrorism strategy

The use of criminal informants has been the object of public criticism and questions have been raised on moral and ethical grounds.

Kelly O’Connell: Obama & Authority – Or, How to Analyze Barack’s Theory of Power

…all Americans have political and civil rights vested in them from birth which cannot be taken away by some rogue government, no matter what its rhetoric or its supposed goodly intent.

A Robert Hefner illustration

One Response to “Canada Free Press articles of interest”

  1. bill Says:

    I may have been brought in on a turnip truck,but not yesterday to realize that EVERYTHING being done by this administration is ILLEGAL.I need no further evidence beyond Lt.Cmdr. Fitzpatricks Criminal complaint or just one of the presentments served by Citizen Grand Juries too understand,that silence is an admission of guilt.I and millions of other Patriots are well aware of ALL the diversions and distractions these criminals are putting forth will NOT facilitate amnesia of We The People.Legislators,it is time to stand and deliver !

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