From the 21 November 2009 Archives: File your TREASON complaint NOW!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010



The government take over of the health care industry is unconstitutional! It is a pure manifestation of totalitarianism.

Our Congress is a racketeer influenced and criminal institution. We are all watching them break the law in plain view.

The only way to stop these criminal adventures is to effect law enforcement. The first step in holding these criminals and totalitarians criminally accountable is to remove their totalitarian leader OBAMA for TREASON!

Then we go after OBAMA’S criminal assistants.

Effecting criminal accountability is the only way to stop the congressional criminals. The Totalitarians.

And the time remaining to get back to the Constitution slips away like the sand in an hour-glass.

There is no other path forward.

You have to act now. File your personal criminal complaint naming OBAMA in his TREASON, and do it now!

Click here for directions in the filing of the criminal complaint naming OBAMA in his TREASON!

Copyright © The JAG HUNTER 2009

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