Democrat Representative James Clyburn not so veiled promise of Martial Law in the near future

Thursday, 25 March 2010

During an interview with Chris Matthews last night (24 March 2010): VIDEO (click here):

Clyburn: So there`s something else going on here that`s churning up people for other activities down the road.

Look, we`re going to soon get to deal with this issue of immigration, and I`m afraid that if we don`t tamp this down now, that controversial issue could very well…


CLYBURN: … generate something that could lead to some catastrophic events.

Poster courtesy of: NOBARACK08 (see under "Quick links")


2 Responses to “Democrat Representative James Clyburn not so veiled promise of Martial Law in the near future”

  1. bill Says:

    Interesting video,but unfortunately,for me anyway,the Main Stream Medias have simply risen to
    the point of irrelevancy and all the slanted propaganda and deception by omission they speak falls on less ears everyday.This is because the American people have simply stopped watching.While I agree some American citizens are reaching a boiling point , this is to be expected when any citizen pushes another citizen to the wall.This simply won’t be tolerated.The American people will not stand for it. cheers

  2. hoboduke Says:

    The NATIONAL EMERGENCY proclamation made in November has not been officially rescinded. We still have the exciting option of martial law to be called upon to quell the civil unrest of swine flu form TEA folks. Whatever happened to the billions spent on vaccine soon to be dumped as medical biohazard waste?

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