Not seven times…but seventy times seven…!

Monday, 12 April 2010


Barack Obama must face sworn Citizen criminal charges  for TREASON as often as there is occasion.

Millions of criminal filings filed right now with the FBI.

No excuse is left to you. And no time.

Pass the word. Get ‘er done.

Here endth the lesson.

4 Responses to “Not seven times…but seventy times seven…!”

  1. Steph Says:

    We ARE running out of time. America is looking more like Nazi Germany every day. Wake the h*** up, people!

  2. Noway2no Says:

    This has to stop. It is as if we hired a crook and his croonies to run our casino or bank and now he knows all codes, combinations, procedures and security measures we have in place.

    Even if he is just voted out he and his followers will wreak havoc for a hundred years across the globe.

    Letting this continue is the most dangerous thing we have ever done. Possibly the most dangerous thing ever done for the people alive and yet to come.

    He must be ousted as the scum usurper that he is.

    See what Pastor Manning has planned.

    He is right.

  3. creeksneakers2 Says:

    Jag Hunter:

    Is it true you refused food and water while in jail? How did you live for days without water? Are you OK?

  4. Jill Says:

    Commander, I sure hope you are OK! Thank you for your Service in the past and now! You can add this to your collection of evidence. Official Government documents can not/ should not contain false information. See page 31, Mid page.

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