Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes unplugged: Exposed as a Fraud!

Friday, 23 April 2010

A pacifist lap-dog Mole for the leftest press and Rhodes’ military-political handlers!

15 Responses to “Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes unplugged: Exposed as a Fraud!”

  1. Steph F. Says:

    Well, well, well. It was time to get off the fence and Mr. Rhodes just showed his hand. You are either with us or against us. Time for new leadership within the Oathkeepers. God has a plan and this timing couldn’t be more apropos! Way to go, patriots.

  2. Cat (Aeon Dwyer) Says:

    Hey Stewie…don’t let the door hit your arse.
    But if your marxist face hits the concrete…that’s fine.

  3. Dean(Brown Water Navy) Says:

    Rhodes leftist facade has slowly unraveled. Many began to question his motives when Stewie endorsed Adam Kokesh, a traitor belonging to the IVAW and supporter of Code Pink.

  4. cowpattie Says:

    At least with this clown we won’t have to wait until November. Formally demand his resignation NOW!

  5. Cat (Aeon Dwyer) Says:

    Here, I should like to say that I am an Oath Keeper.
    I joined up because I believe in standing firm for my country.

    The first call to action that I saw, was a video request on You Tube by Reverend Manning.
    He presented the case of Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick and pleaded for Oath Keepers to go to Madisonville Tennessee on 20 April to show support.

    I went. From NC.
    On my arrival, I met with two other Oath Keeper friends from my forum. One drove from NY.
    And we were pretty much the only ones there, ’till after 9am.

    Best count I could make was twenty or so Oath Keepers, total. Eventually.
    This isn’t to say there weren’t more.
    But if there was…it wasn’t noticeably more.

    I am thinking that Tennessee alone has to have more than seventeen Oath Keepers.
    And I’m thinking that should be the case with every state bordering Tennessee.

    Where I am headed with this, is to say that the Oath Keepers clearly have more than Stewie to contend with when it comes to bad leadership.

    Oath Keeper members should have been informed by Oath Keeper leaders in every city, township, county, and state, across the US of Lt Commander Fitzpatrick’s need for a show of support.
    And there should have been standing room only in Madisonville.

    I will say, here and now…that if this is the best Oath Keepers can do on quite an advance notice…then Oath Keepers is an outfit whose members need to get some new ‘leaders’ from the bottom up.

    Fitzpatrick shouldn’t have come from his hearing to see only twenty or so supporters.
    And he sure as hell should not have begun his defence with court appointed lawyers, nor had to seek a pro-bono counsel in order to have better.

    His brothers and sisters nation wide should have crowded Madisonville and applauded him. And if every one of the millions of Oath Keepers gave only a dollar…he would have had the best legal defence in the land, and then some.

    In summary, it seems to me that Oath Keepers may well be run by an assortment of subversives who have done a fine job of stupefying the membership, and dandy’s who are in this for their ten minutes of fame and are useless beyond anything but the most comfortable and non-demanding situations.

  6. themadjewess Says:

    But why has the SPLC named him a hater and an ‘enemy?’ then?
    He should be much stronger when addressing the YES WE CANS.
    We need a Patton, badly.

  7. Tonto Says:

    I reckon everybody that has been in the military of this country has heard of the “7 Ps”. They are: Poor prior preparation produces p*** poor performance. I think the Madisoville fiasco was a perfect example. Come on guys, let’s get our act together!

  8. flights rhodes Says:

    keep it up, JusyKassy. http://www.flightsrhodes.org

  9. Dear Sargeant Harrington,

    i came across this page just now when listening to Stuart Rhodes on RepublicBroadcasting.org with Mark Anderson. i am illinois’ 1st announced candidate for U.S. Senate 2012, as i view Senator Dick Durbin, Barry Soetoro and Rahm Emanuel as intentional betrayers of this country. i am an illinois Oath Keeper and i serve at the pleasure of the Soldier.

    Most Sincerely Yours in Love with this Nation, Jeff – ChicagoCitizens.com – 1.312.4.SENATE

  10. Oath keepers was set up by the f.b.i. to draw out and identify “domestic terrorists” within our military and law enforcement to be delt with later. Also, they should,nt be called “oath keepers” as that is exactly the thing they refuse to do.Your oath is to uphold and defend..etc., not stand idily by while others destroy it. Refusing to help destroy it is not the same as defending it. Just wave your flags and march around in your uniforms, assholes. You look lioke spanky and our gang playing soldier and tooting your horns while your country is destroyed right in front of you. Fucking queers! You make me sick. You make GOD sick. It looks like “We the people” are on our own again. I would,nt want to be any of you on judgement day.Go to hell; sibcerely, a real american

  11. Perhaps the profanity was a bit much. It happens when I get fed up. I,ll try this again; The F.B.I. set up oath keepers to draw out and identify”domestic terrorists” to be dealt with later. As far as “oath keeping is concerned, why use that name when it is the one thing you will not do?To refuse to participate in the destruction of the country is,nt the same as fighting said destruction. Dressing up in uniform and marching around in tight little circles just looks like Sanky and our gang to me. Your oath was to”uphold and defend…etc, not stand idely by while the traitors in uniform make war on your fellow americans.Oath keepers indeed! How do you look at yourselves in the mirror? I could,nt. I would,nt want to be you on judgement day. Stand down? Why don,t you LAY DOWN instead? Everyone knows this is going to come to a fight. You just showed whos side you,ll be on. Keep tootin your horns and telling yourselves you,re the good guys; don,t forget to wave them flags boys.sincerely, a real american.

  12. I would have thought you people had brains enough to see this but I guess I,ll have to explain; When the war is over you,ll be tortured to death by the satanic government forces for not participating or executed by the patriots for standing by while your fellow americans were murdered by the forces of the new world order. Either way, I would,nt trade places with you for anything; not to mention what you,ll face at the hands of an angry GOD. God HATES cowards(REV.21:8)

  13. Repeat after me; I…state your name…Do solemnly swear to stand around and recite my oath while the traitor next to me wages war against the country and the people I swore to protect and to stand down to the best of my ability as my brothers(civilian and military alike) give their lives fighting against the new world order SO HELP ME GOD.

  14. If I were an oath keeper cop it would mean that I would refuse to participate when my fellow officers beat and torture american citizens. I,m sure my fellow citizens take great comfort in knowing I,ll just watch. What was that saying? All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing? Well, I,ve got news for you; good men don,t do nothing.Cowards do nothing. Did you take an oath to do nothing?……WELL,DID YOU?

  15. I,ve just read some of the oath keepers fine print. There, I found it plainly stated that not only would they not help the tyrants but would join the people in the war against them. I wish i,d found that before I sounded off.Oath keepers has my sincere apology. I guess I,ve been alone so long I just could,nt believe anyone else was willing to fight when the time came. It is surely comming. Once again; my apologies men. Standing down,rumplstillskin.

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