Police State Amerika…FBI arrests Darren Huff last night in Blount County Tennessee

Saturday, 1 May 2010

1940 hours (EDT) Monday, 3 May 2010:





1600 hours (EDT) Monday, 3 May 2010:

Just learned FBI special agents were in Sweetwater, Tennessee this morning asking questions going to character and guns.

FBI special agents in Waco, Georgia last night asking questions of former  Sergeant of Marines Bill Loomin.

1315 hours (EDT) Monday, 3 May 2010:

Carl Swensson reports from Georgia: “FBI Special Agent Jason Harris (Atlanta) is en route to talk with both Jim Renn and myself.  I’m scheduled for 1400 hours (EDT) and Jim for 1500 hours (EDT).”

(Note: The Justice Department Washington, D.C. office was on this JAG HUNTER site this morning at 0912 hours (EDT)).

1229 hours (EDT) Monday, 3 May 2010:

Darren Huff is held as a federal prisoner in the Blount County Jail (Correctional Facility).

Authorities gave out false information yesterday regarding the location for Darren’s hearing today.

Darren’s hearing was conducted this morning in a federal courtroom, not in the Blount County Justice Building. The outcome of the federal hearing is not known.

Federal marshals transported Darren to Knoxville earlier today to appear before a federal judge. The location of Darren’s hearing was not released to protect the safety of the federal officers conducting the transport.

Visitation today is not possible.

No information regarding status was authorized for release by any Blount County official (and several of them were approached). Jailers manning “Master Control” said Darren’s visitation privileges could not be determine until after Darren returned from Knoxville and his “classification” established.

No one would say when Darren was expected back to the Blount County Correctional Facility.

Jailers said to call: 865.273.5088 later today to ask about Darren’s status.

Receptionist Kim gave out this number to call: 865.273.5245.

PHONE CALLS: Darren can make calls out to folks only if Darren tries to call you first. Then you must agree to set up an account with the phone service provider. Folks are prohibited from setting up this account from the outside in. Darren has to make the first move.

The phone provider’s telephone number is 1.800.682.0707 should anyone have questions.

VISITATION: Darren must place individuals on a visitors list before any given visitation is authorized. Again, this can’t be accomplished from folks on the outside. Darren has to make the first move. You can’t put yourself on the list.

Once visiting hours are established visitors must present themselves 20 minutes before the commencement of any given visit to pass a security check.

Call 1.865.273.5088 with questions regarding visitation.

The alternate number: 1.865.273.5245.


Darren’s mailing address:

Darren Huff

Blount County Correctional Facility

920. E. Lamar Alexander Parkway

Maryville, Tennessee 37804-5022

Mail to Darren must have a return address affixed. No return address no delivery.



Stephanie Flater writes: We are working on getting a fund put together to help with the bail money.  If you know of others who would like to contribute, that would be great.

Stephanie’s email address: stephanieflater@yahoo.com

Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington reports (click here):


1050 hours (EDT) Sunday, 2 May 2010

Darren is held under federal detention in Blount County Tennessee.

Darren’s first hearing is tomorrow morning, Monday, 3 May 2010.

Time: 1000 hours (10:00 a.m. EDT)

Location: Blount County Justice Center

940 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway, Maryville, TN

Driving directions: CLICK HERE

Blount County Clerk & Master’s Office

Blount County Justice Center

930 E. Lamar Alexander Parkway

Maryville, TN 37804-5002

Phone (865) 273-5500

Fax (865) 273-5519

0920 hours (EDT) Sunday, 2 May 2010:

FBI Special Agent Reed (Reid?) initiated Darren’s federal arrest warrant Monday night, 19 April 2010. We don’t know when the federal arrest warrant was perfected and made operable. It just so happened Darren was in Tennessee when the FBI decided to arrest Darren on Friday (30 April).

FBI Special Agent Reed went to Darren’s Georgia home Friday while Darren was being arrested in Blount County Tennessee. Reed was joined by four local sheriffs (team of five law enforcement officers). Reed held a federal court order and federal search warrant to take one of Darren’s legally registered and licensed firearms.

A hearing is scheduled for Monday (tomorrow), 3 May. Time: 1000 hours (10:00 a.m. EDT). The hearing location is unknown.

0600 hours (EDT) Sunday, 2 May 2010:

Nothing heard since yesterday morning. No media reports. Darren is still in a federal lockup facility believed to be in Knoxville (unfolding).


Investigative Report OnGrand Jury ConductMonroe County, Tennessee (CLICK HERE)

GARY D. PETTWAY is one several principal criminal actors in events evolving since August 2009. Pettway is criminally accused of obstructing the 17 March 2009 criminal complaint naming SOETORO-OBAMA in TREASON (click here).

In January 2010 PETTWAY was exposed as a government functionary. Monroe County Tennessee circuit court judges have APPOINTED PETTWAY as the county Grand Jury Foreman for the past 27-years before 54 Grand Juries (TWO GRAND JURIES in each year). Tennessee State law prohibits any human intervention in the selection of any Juror.

PETTWAY’s obscene criminal conduct is manifestly reported to every state and federal law enforcement agency you can think to name.

No agency responded.*

Therein was created the necessity and authority to conduct PETTWAY’s Citizen arrest.  Intent to carry out a series of Citizens’ arrest was made in writing to local law enforcement in early March 2010 (click here).

Darren Huff was traveling to Madisonville, Tennessee on 20 April 2010 in support of PETTWAY’s Citizens’ arrest.

Darren recognized PETTWAY’s obstruction had to be overcome in order to advance the Treason complaint naming SOETORO-OBAMA.

(*Note: The most recent report to the FBI in Knoxville was made in person to Duty Special Agent Whitehouse on Wednesday, 8 April 2010. The report was made face-to-face in the FBI Knoxville Division office. S/A Whitehouse said to send another package in, they’d take a look at it.)


Darren’s arrest yesterday goes to the events of 20 April 2010 (CLICK HERE – VIDEO)!

Beyond the charge of inciting a riot Darren is charged with intending to create civil unrest. These charges are aggravated as federal authorities falsely accuse Darren of transporting weapons across state lines to carry out his alleged “riot**” and “civil unrest” in Madisonville, Tennessee on the 20th of April 2010.

FBI Special Agent Chuck Reed (Reid?) visited the Huff’s Georgia home on the evening of Monday, 19 April 2010. FBI S/A Reed questioned Darren regarding Darren’s plans for the next day.

Yesterday S/A Chuck Reed seized one of Darren’s legally licensed and registered weapons from the Huff’s Georgia home. Darren was in Tennessee at the time.

It’s reported Darren was arrested in Blount County, Tennessee.

It’s believed Darren is being held in a Knoxville, TN federal detention facility.

It’s likely no more information regarding Darren’s legal status will be made publicly available until at least Monday, 3 May (the day after tomorrow).

FBI Special Agent Chuck Reed’s cell phone number: 760.291.7364.

Between 0820 – 0905 hours local today (Saturday) another attempt to effect the Citizen’s arrest of GARY D. PETTWAY was carried out in Sweetwater, Tennessee. GARY PETTWAY lives at 1107 Broad street in this city (information taken from a memo County Clerk Martha Cook push-pinned to a public bulletin board outside Cook’s office in the Monroe County Tennessee Courthouse).

Sweetwater Patrolmen Jim “Jimbo” Kile and Police Sergeant John Brewster responded.

A Monroe County Deputy Sheriff parked farther away on a side road–purposefully out of my sight–providing back-up to the two Sweetwater Policemen (neighbors saw the Deputy who later reported on his presence).

Officers Kile and Brewster were informed regarding the plight of Darren Huff. It was explained in specific terms why the question going to GARY PETTWAY’s criminal conduct was growing and demanded reconciliation.

The two police officers were told that there are now two persons accused of inciting to riot while participating in a Citizens’ arrest of GARY PETTWAY on two different dates (1 April and 20 April 2010 (CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE).

Officers Kile and Brewster explained they had no jurisdiction to arrest PETTWAY.

It was explained and documented that Kile and Brewster did hold jurisdiction to arrest. It was made clear to both policemen they could participate and backup a Citizens’ Arrest.

They went on to explain that even holding arrest authority  the two officers would need to secure an arrest warrant from a court clerk or magistrate knowing no clerk or magistrate in the state of Tennessee is authorized to issue the warrant.

Neither Kile nor Brewster accepted the authority a the Citizens’ Arrest Warrant filed in Monroe County on 1 April 2010.

Said differently,  GARY PETTWAY is not merely above the law…PETTWAY is beyond its reach!

(**Note: It takes four people to riot in Tennessee.  Darren was driving alone as he approached Madisonville, TN on 20 April. Darren was alone when pulled over in a felony stop by three Tennessee State Trooper cruisers and two unmarked police SUV s).


Darren Huff is reported arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents last night here in Tennessee (in neighboring Blount County).

Specific information on Darren’s FBI arrest is sketchy.

Darren Huff is a Navy Veteran. Darren Huff is a law abiding Citizen.

Darren is being held on the federal charge of crossing state lines with a gun with the intent to incite a riot.

Darren Huff is in Tennessee to learn how to effect the Citizen’s arrest of Gary D. Pettway–Monroe County’s government appointed Grand Jury Foreman of 27-years (before 54 different Grand Juries).

Darren has been accosted by law enforcement officials three times in the past month while supporting Gary Pettway’s Citizen arrest (an FBI visit on the evening of 31 March, Darren’s 1 April felony road stop while driving to Madisonville, Tennessee (video-click here), and then last night’s FBI arrest).


Video of Darren’s 1 April 2010 felony road stop.

A Robert Hefner illustration



Sergeant of Marines Warren Bonesteel writes:

If, at this point, people don’t believe that The Constitution is no longer in effect, or that every level of government is corrupt, they’re delusional.

From The Supreme Court to your local courthouse, justice in America no longer exists.

You can’t ‘restore’ what isn’t in use. You cannot expect justice from an unjust and corrupt system.

…and if you think the Republican Party will change anything once they regain power, you probably need medical supervision. Whether Republican or Democrat, once they get a taste of power and wealth, all other considerations become moot.

Until Americans unite as one, with a single goal – freedom and liberty for all – nothing will change. Indeed, if we returned to governing ourselves by the precepts and ideals of The Constitution, life as you know it is over. If we don’t? Life as you know it is over.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Illinois’ Stephanie Flater contributes:

Several of us were in Madisonville, Tennessee on April 20 to attend Lt. Commander Walt Fitzpatrick’s hearing, the first military person to charge Obama with treason.

He was put in jail for 6 days for attempting to arrest the Grand Jury Foreman, Gary Pettway, who has been serving for 27 years.  The maximum length of service is 24 months.  Gary Pettway is a government functionary, a conflict of interest in the Citizens Grand Juries.

Please spread this far and wide.  We must come together to get Darren Huff released from jail on Monday.  We are at war with a corrupt entity known as the government.  Obama doesn’t want this information to hit the mainstream media, so it is OUR JOB to get it out there. Do it for America!

23 Responses to “Police State Amerika…FBI arrests Darren Huff last night in Blount County Tennessee”

  1. YeahRight Says:

    It will begin soon…just this past week SWAT teams called against peaceful citizens against obama in Illinois and now Huff’s arrest…

    When will American’s wake up and understand that ALL politicians don’t care about them or the country…only their power???

    MSgt USAF Retired 1973-2003

  2. bill Says:

    The Jokes on YOU America !
    If this doesn’t get Patriots engaged,Nothing will !


  3. Dean(Brown Water Navy) Says:

    Outrageous…completely and utterly outrageous.

    They push We The People one step closer to the unthinkable. The insanity runs deep.

  4. cowpattie Says:

    America is on the brink of civil war. This is Obama’s plan.

  5. bill Says:

    Sorry cowpattie,I am afraid I must disagree, America is NOT on the brink of civil war that the commies would have us believe.

    We are however on the cusp of a “Great Awakening” facilitated by a handful of Men/Women like Lt.Cmdr.Walt Fitzpatrick,Lt.Col.Lakin and many more that are working behind the scenes.The second reason I refute this is simply because We the People don’t have to, there are millions of us and just like the Rev Martin Luther King and his followers did between Dec.1955-Dec.1956 in Montgomery,Alabama.This came about after an American Citizen by the name of Rosa Parks decided “enough was enough”

    I rest my case.


  6. Legal Caution Says:

    Not being a lawyer but having been exposed to some constitutional legal matters it seems to me that “lawyers” are sworn to uphold the; “laws”, codes, admin etc processes.
    During the TAX revolts some tax protesters would NOT use any attorneys sworn in to the court system because of their sworn oaths to uphold the legal matters mentioned above.
    As I recall anyone who did win on tax issues had to represent themselves to raise “constitutional” in pro se representations.
    I haven’t a CLUE on how all this ‘bar and court accredited” lawyers are banned from doing what ‘tax protesters” needed to be done to vindicate themselves of alleged tax ‘evasion’.
    Just a word of caution about lawyers representing clients in courts. Someone may want to validate how an ‘attorney’ is limited by laws to practice their “worthlessness” in America’s courts.

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  8. bill Says:

    Sorry but #7 post makes absolutely no sense to me:
    Darren Huff released from jail on Monday ? How can this be on Monday ? Whaaaaa ?

  9. […] Montgomery-County-Clerk-Of-Courts.org Related weblogs In chambers Police state amerika…fbi arrests darren huff last night in blount … 4-15-10 mcrc briefs « maricopa county republican committee Deaf conroe man indicted on capital […]

  10. Tonto Says:

    If Darren is to be arraigned for his supposed crimes in Madisonville, where will this take place? Knoxville? Madisonville? Arrested on a Federal warrant? What court does that put it? How long can they keep him without bail?

  11. bill Says:

    I visit many sites and on visiting these many sites,it is apparent Mr.Obama is illegal.So now Mr.Obamas illegality has infected ALL branches of government and made them illegal as well.No matter
    what Mr.Fitzpatrick or Mr.Huff or anyone else does to kill the oxygen in the room to eliminate the parasites,it accomplishes nothing,if We The People keep opening the door.I reckon what I’m trying to say is that each and every one of us MUST cut off
    the oxygen (money) that aids and abets these criminals.Stop buying Chinese goods,Cancel subscriptions to lying MSMs,buy only American etc.
    If We the People will do this,retribution and change will happen.Otherwise We must wear our chains,proudly.

  12. Steph F. Says:

    Conservatives stand an excellent chance of making great gains in taking the republican party back in 2010 and beginning the process of reversing marxism…and prosecuting those who have betrayed America.

    A third party option isn’t an option.
    There is no infrastructure to support such a group, and no time to set one up.
    Best to take what was ours, and use it.

    Texas recently improved the curriculum taught to our school children and has initiated a reversal of the teaching of marxist dogma.

    To date, I have seen little applause of that by Conservatives, and nothing set in motion to support the elected school board officials who put this bold coup in motion, and are up for re-election in a fairly short while and facing seriously enraged opposition.

    It’s this lack of focus and the lack of leadership in our large collective of freedom fighters that constantly leaves hard won ground open to being re-taken by marxists.

    Arizona rocks, and has recently set a shining example for America.
    And there isn’t a single force in motion to help those good people defend the good things they have done, or to promote the spread of such legislation.
    This is freakin’ pathetic.

    Worse, nowhere do I see members of any Militia, TP group, or Oath Keepers contributing to a selected law firm that represents Conservative interests so as to activate such a powerful weapon against marxist strongholds.
    There is all this yapping about knowing ones enemy and using the enemies tactics against them…and yet there is not one law suit being brought against any marxist enterprise, and if a lad like Fitzpatrick or Darren Huff gets arrested…there isn’t the first d*mned show of orgainsed unity on either of their behalves.
    Which brings me to ask WTF the purpose of all these groups are.
    I mean, are any of you serious activists, or are you just candy arsed keyboard warriors who like to chirp and peep.
    (Note the lack of a question mark)

    Freakin’ amazing. Millions of you, and millions upon millions of fighting dollars if there were ever to be a focused effort, and the few true fighters amongst you can’t even be afforded decent legal representation.

    There is indeed a corrupt system to fight, and a lot of fighting to be done.
    But if the lot of you can’t even pay attention to the issues, protect your own, or think in terms of offence instead of your currently limp wristed defence…you might as well forget about any kind of armed uprising. Many of you may have the steel for it…but none of you are anywhere near disciplined, you have no brotherhood to back you, and all the marxists have to do is take your guns and arrest you.
    Like they did to Darren Huff.
    Or just gun you down, systematically at your, homes.
    Your ‘brothers’ wont come help…because you have no brotherhood, and every marxist knows it.

    I’ll tell the lot of you so called ‘leaders’ here and now, that if the S hits the fan, you are the marxists best bet for an easy slaughter and a quick victory.
    I will even go so far as to say that you, by your gas bag oratories, your ridiculous posturing, and your absolute lack of direction, are a marxists wet dream.
    You aren’t leading anything but your own little circle jerk parades.
    To hell with you.

    You need to have your arses booted off stage so that men can take over and actually set something in motion.
    Of course, the ranks of candy arses and key board warriors will have to be thinned considerably, too. But this would be a good thing- to lose the deadweight.

    Last, I do not regret seeking like minded men and women to work with against marxism.
    But as far as I can tell in looking at Oath Keepers, Militia’s and TP groups, I’d do well not to put my confidence in any of these outfits.

    Yours in near total disgust,

  13. nothing new Says:

    “Democracy…makes a wretched farce of government. The lawless citizen mob has ears only for unprincipled, flattering demagogues, and the just man who longs to serve his country is reviled and thrust aside.” ~ Plato, Republic

  14. Texas_Dave Says:

    I’m just watching the news and waiting in the wings here in Texas until the wheels fall-off the Applecart.

    It seems like 2012 can’t get here fast enough.

  15. bill Says:

    Well it appears to me that psychological warfare is in full bloom.I have full confidence in Walter Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff and neither of these men are fly off the handle fruitcakes that haven’t considered what they are doing and why.So far,about the only thing I can see that the opposition has done,is making themselves look silly.I also would suggest to anyone who believes they have the grand plan,please instigate it don’t just talk about it.In the meantime,as facts come forward,please keep a cool head and realize these desperate people will kill anyone,but they must have “justification” so they can claim to be the good guys.Please don’t give them this “gift” cheers

  16. heron Says:

    Huff and Fitz have misread the law and are doomed to fail…here are the facts..

    Tennessee’s Code allows the foreperson to be appointed by the Judge, and the only qualifications are those which exist for the grand jury juror. Being selected randomly is NOT a qualification

    Since you claim to be familiar with the statutes, I am sure you are familiar with the following precedent setting ruling?

    We find no authority holding and can think of no valid reason why a grand jury foreman appointed for two years under TCA 40-1506 is disqualified to serve longer either by reappointment or holding over. We affirm the judgment.

    Thomas P. NELSON, Appellant, v. STATE of Tennessee, Appellee. Court of Criminal Appeals of Tennessee 1972

    The foreman or forewoman of the grand jury is selected in an entirely different manner. In essence, they are hand-picked by the trial judge from the eligible population for a two-year appointment. § 40-1506. They are subject to the same statutory qualifications as jurors except that they must be at least twenty-five years old.

    Mitchell v. Rose, 570 F.2d 129, 133 (6th Cir. 1978)

    Seems pretty straightforward. Now what are the Juror’s qualifications?

    Every person eighteen (18) years of age, being a citizen of the United States, and a resident of this state, and of the county in which the person may be summoned for jury service for a period of twelve (12) months next preceding the date of the summons, is legally qualified to act as a grand or petit juror, if not otherwise incompetent under the express provisions of this title.

  17. bill Says:

    Well heron,not being a lawyer,never played one on T.V. or even stayed in a Holiday Inn lately I can’t say exactly what the law is,but I feel as a natural born citizen that took an Oath to the Constitution and served in the military like millions of other Men and Women,I can safely say that I have suddenly become aware of how egregious our so called Justice system is.For over a year attorneys have been trying desperately to confirm one mans eligibility for POTUS and they only get the run around.Then a man tries to get a simple Grand Jury hearing and gets like treatment.Then this man and a group of men digs up the most corrupt activities imaginable in a county in Tenn.and you say he is wrong.I can’t speak for others,but I can speak for myself,ANY judge would
    play hell getting a guilty verdict out of me
    for a parking ticket.I believe when the American people come to this realization,the courts may as well close their doors.

  18. Agents Andrew Mossman of the GBI and Special agent S. Jason Harris of the FBI arrived at 1410 hrs. and we began our discussion over unfolding events in TN. I asked them of his (Darren’s)status but they would not answer. Their stated purpose was to make sure no one was going to TN to invoke violence.
    The purpose, as we all know, was then clearly stated. We were there to assist Lt. Cmdr. Fitzpatrick with the Citizens Arrest. All within the confines and jurisdiction of the law. We all know the story so I won’t repeat it but I did remind them that, at no time, were we contemplating storming the Court house and taking it over which was one of their concerns. The meeting lasted less than an hour and they reminded me that when information like this gets out, so do the whackos. I assured him that no one affiliated with the group that showed up had any intent on storming the Bastile and that it concluded in a peaceful manner. They were also informed that Darren’s sole purpose in going back was to try and find a Sheriff in a surrounding county that would take these arrested people into custody.
    Conjecture: It would appear they were nervous about the prospect of a re-occurrance of the battle of Athens in 1946.
    Towards the end of the meeting I asked both agents one simple question. Did both of you take the Oath to protect and defend the constitution, at which point they both answered yes. I then followed with, what part of the Constitution are you willing to ignore? Both said,”none of it”. I then proceeded to to tell them that’s exactly what they are doing by ignoring Article II Section I Clause V. After a brief explanation of that law and citing my references, they agreed to look into it (yeah, right).
    They viewed the video of Darrens Felony stop on the 20th of April and asked if was against TN law to transport firearms across State lines???
    They need reminding that TN and GA have reciprocal agreements that do allow for this.
    As they left I repeated the request that they, personaly look into the Breech of security within the White House and soon. They did not provide any information that would allow me to contact Darren and calls to the Knoxville Detention center came up empty as they had not processed any paperwork concerning him.
    Jim just called to let me know they askedd him the same question about taking over the court house??? That was the extent of his conversation and they left.
    BTW, I asked if the information about this interview was public knowledge and they informed me it was. It was then that I turned my tape recorder off.

  19. Dan Hall Says:

    Actually the traffic stop was in Sweetwater, TN which is in Monroe County. He was placed in a federal housing correctional facility, which is Blount County Jail…

  20. bill Says:

    Not much question in my mind that the criminal handlers of our country are doing ALL they can to
    provoke a confrontation with Citizens so they can be justified before the treacherous MSMs ,the they in turn can relay to the American people,how they are just victims of crazies.Sorry gentlemen,the average American isn’t buying this dog and pony show.My only question now,is who has the courage in Law Enforcement to follow the law,honor their Oaths to the Constitution,and demand a simple request of seeing the documents of a man who has never handled a REAL Job ?.The only sounds American citizens can hear,is the sound of crickets.

  21. Steph F. Says:

    Secure an attorney and set up the legal defense fund for patriots to contribute, affording protection for all vested in the cause. If we are serious, let’s get serious!

  22. […] quote above comes from a JAG HUNTER posting originally published on 1 May 2010 (the day after Darren’s 30 APRIL 2010 arrest) and updated on […]

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