Sher Zieve: Obama looking and planning for his own Waco? Monroe County Grand Jury update

Monday, 10 May 2010

“So as not to be outdone by the Clinton Administration, The Obama seems bent upon creating a Waco-type incident that will allow him to bring down his opposition and firmly establish his Marxist regime and his increasingly anti-human policies…

“Sergeant of Marines Timothy Joseph Harrington — has agreed to an update interview about the strange schemes going on in Monroe County, TN. Note: As is usual and to be expected, the ObamaMedia (including “MSM” print and cable “news”) is deliberately and with apparent malice falsifying most if not all of the information surrounding these two incidents and the two men involved.”

The rest of Sergeant Harrington’s update (click here)

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5 Responses to “Sher Zieve: Obama looking and planning for his own Waco? Monroe County Grand Jury update”

  1. Dean(Brown Water Navy) Says:


    • bacsi Says:

      Dean: I saw a comment I believe you left over at Red Mike’s 3-per site trying to reason with him about this issue, which is obviously a waste of time since he has an agenda. I left an update about his nonsense over on the citizen tsunami blog, which I’ll quote in part here as it sums up a lot of what is going on:

      “Mike Vanderboegh, over at sipsey street irregulars, has decided to show his true colors, so we can now go back to calling him Red Mike in honor of his commie youth. Instead of reporting on the facts in this case he has opted for the MSM spin zone, referring to Darren as a member of an Aryan white supremest cult (well, actually he may be as no one here has ever clarified that he isn’t), and that he, Fritzpatrick, and anyone else involved including those supportive of Citizens’ Grand Juries, are ‘morons’.”

      Carl is correct in his call for a million Grand Jury deputies to take back this country. Whether in the form of State militias or deputies the simple fact of the matter is that the American people can put an end to this nonsense in a matter of weeks, just by getting off their lazy back sides and getting out in the streets. One percent is three million, that’s enough so were the hell are they? Why is it that not even one percent can see what is before their very eyes and stand on their feet and kick the crooks out that have taken over the entire political process in our nation from the smallest cities and counties all the way to the White House. The only velvet revolution is one that uses velvet bell cords for the ropes, the time is long gone for discussions or debate, we are in the closing stages of an internal war most don’t even know was being waged.

  2. michaelsr Says:

    As an interested spectator in this, it is not for me to say what any one should or should not do. So let me just offer this caution: We know obama must have a plan for the day fast approaching when his bluff is called. But I would hate to see folks jump in too soon and give obama the excuse he is looking for. That would only provoke violence — maybe unnecessarily. Please do not misunderstand me: I’ll duke it out with anybody, if I have to. But there is word of taking back America peacefully with a Velvet Revolution. If that happens, it would be a shame to have lost good citizens in a premature action. My .02 worth.

  3. bill Says:

    Well I believe it IS up to me to say,No matter what
    good men do to help America,If the American people can not or will not stand up,and just say NO,then they can continue their “Pity Parties” and enjoy whatever this corrupt regime offers.cheers

  4. […] 20, nothing happened.  I had the traffic stop; we went into town, and I think Sher Zieve did an article on “Is Obama Planning his own Waco?” around that […]

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