TREASON: Forcibly resisting the Constitution while installing a rival unconstitutional government!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Mac McDougall sends us the soundtrack (click here)

Mac’s website:


“Regardless of what President or party is in control, it is NEVER ok and totally treasonous to sign an international treaty, especially dealing with our gun rights, parental rights, states rights and laws, climate concerns based on bull rot, freedom of speech or any other criteria.”


A Robert Hefner illustration

4 Responses to “TREASON: Forcibly resisting the Constitution while installing a rival unconstitutional government!”

  1. Patricia Says:


  2. kingratfish Says:

    The usurption of power and authority is evident in the unlimited use and practice of executive orders ready to nulify our Constitution and create a police state of un-ending martial law. The unlawful POTUS answers to no authority. Not to a compliant congress, appointed judicials, or voice of voter citizen’s. Rather He bows and dances to a tune of global governance/a shadow govt’ comprised of an International Global Society, Banking Cartels, The United Nations and the International Corporate Military Industrial Complex. Obama favors non- citizen rights, illegal immigration, foreign interests, and Dictorial power over the people of the Republic. Thought crime prosecution, permanent detention, mandatory civil service, and the eradication of free speech, free enterprize, private health-care, and govt’ operated industry are the components of a Communist Regime, not a Sovereign Nation. Take a close look Amerika.

  3. bill Says:

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words,So here is a picture by a man named David Dees if you can to have a look ,that can be downloaded and emailed:

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