J.B. Williams: Enemies Within the Patriot Movement

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Obama & Co. can only fuel the patriot movement, they cannot destroy it. The only way they can even slow the patriot movement down is to slow down their own march towards socialism, which would give patriots a false sense of having won something.

But three specific groups inside the patriot movement can destroy the movement, and they are doing just that. (Click here)

Good Question...

One Response to “J.B. Williams: Enemies Within the Patriot Movement”

  1. kingratfish Says:

    Patriots Unite, divided we fall. Don’t loose hope, do a little something eveyday. Talk to your neighbors, grocer, baker, hair stylist, co-workers, garage sale vendors, gas station attendants, church members, social clubs and even people in line at the bank. Tell everyone you see. Be fishers of men, step out of the box of individuality and start talking. Invite your neighbors for a BBQ and set up a lil townhall meeting.Hound congress and governors-let them know they must toe the line-everyline in the Constitution!!!

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