Former Navy SEAL Jim O’Neill: It’s All Unraveling Even As It All Comes Together

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

“The depth and pervasiveness of corruption, duplicity, and sedition, in our government, media, and leaders, is stunning, and frightening.  At the same time, to finally have the clean wind of truth, whip through our culture, is a bracing tonic that is as exhilarating as it is novel.”


Thank you Stephanie Flater!

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2 Responses to “Former Navy SEAL Jim O’Neill: It’s All Unraveling Even As It All Comes Together”

  1. kingratfish Says:

    Stop Impostor POTUS NOW!!! Barak Obama aka Barry Soetoro is NOT a NBC. He is not eligible for office. He is guilty of Sedition and Treason. Prosecute all culprits involved. Do NOT wait until November. Anyone willing to wait until November is a fool, they are guilty of treason by compliance. Notice to all Patriots: Make a stand against the Treason and Sedition of America. Act NOW

  2. A pen Says:

    There is a game being played in an attempt to put this nations laws up for a vote which can be stolen by a corrupted vote. One more than half and the winners declare all power to legislate. The constitution means nothing in a pure democracy. There are many who understand this and many who are ignorant of it yet well intentioned while there are many who simply wish to rule unchallenged and they are only supported by money and what it can buy. That fresh wind will clean out the greedy and corrupt, every last stinking one.

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