West Memphis, AR shooting update: FBI Little Rock, AR gathering evidence. Reason for the road stop isn’t known.

Friday, 21 May 2010

UPDATE (1005 hours EDT): Van used by the two suspects is reported stolen out of Clinton, Colorado (click here).

UPDATE (0927 hours EDT): Just spoke with Josh, a photographer at WREG News Channel 3 out of Memphis. Josh tells me Associated Press reports (among others) regarding AK-47s were premature and incorrect.

The two suspects were in possession of a shotgun and pistol.

WREG reporter Scott Noll is traveling en-route to New Vienna, Ohio this morning. Noll intends to report more about the two unidentified men shot dead yesterday afternoon in West Memphis, Arkansas.


“Two men armed with AK-47s ambushed and killed two officers who had stopped them on an Arkansas interstate [40 west]…

“The events started when Evans stopped a minivan with Ohio plates, with Paudert arriving moments later as backup, Assistant Police Chief Mike Allen said. Two men got out of the van with the assault rifles and opened fire on the officers, Shelton said.

“Authorities declined to say why Evans stopped the minivan or what was found inside.

“Traffic stopped as authorities searched vehicles on I-40 looking for the suspects, who were spotted about 90 minutes later in the parking lot of a nearby Walmart, officials said.

“Dozens of officers swarmed the vehicle after a wildlife officer rammed the minivan with his car, and both suspects were shot and killed, authorities said.

“The two suspects haven’t been identified. Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Adler declined to say whether investigators knew anything about the men, but said authorities don’t believe others were involved in the shooting.”




Colonel Brian Prickett, chief deputy with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office was quoted below last night in the Wilmington, Ohio News Journal saying:

“The van was registered to the white supremacy church in New Vienna,” Prickett said. “That church has not been open for a long time.”

Wilmington, Ohio News Journal editors scrubbed the report later during the night.

Chief Deputy Prickett’s quote is caught again from the Brown News Service (click here)


Now this morning in a separate report (click here):

Contact Reporter Scott Noll Memphis, TN News Channel 3: scott.noll@wreg.com


From an earlier post…

7 Responses to “West Memphis, AR shooting update: FBI Little Rock, AR gathering evidence. Reason for the road stop isn’t known.”

  1. bill Says:

    While I hate it that two men and two officers were killed,I would imagine this is just the tip of the iceberg to a path of total lawlessness.It appears to me that our corrupt criminal handlers believe the Constitution and laws of our society is a pick and choose menu and only enforcing the ones they like have given people the idea that if they follow the accepted law,they lose,so what is the point ?.There
    are many good citizens and organizations that have
    in every way imaginable pointed out the violations
    against the Constitution and the American citizens
    without avail so I would expect this lawlessness to escalate.Sad to say !

  2. cowpattie Says:

    Let’s not assume anything here. Wait for the smoke to clear. There is nothing that the liberals would want more than for “us” to assume they are Mexicans or Islamists and to be wrong.

  3. bill Says:

    In this storyline the comment was made:
    “Reason for the road stop isn’t known”
    My comment is “Of Course they know why the stop was instigated,These officers have instant communication and you can bet headquarters was aware.It is this type of reporting that makes citizens mistrust the rank and file police officer who is just trying to do his/her job and all the while the corrupt leadership is playing games and putting them in harms way.You can bet if I was one of these officers,I would shrink away from putting myself in this position.Wouldn’t you ?

  4. thistle Says:

    I think this story is about Jerry and his son, Joseph Kane? I’m not familiar with the whole story, but Jerry Kane supposedly helped people with fighting the fraud in their foreclosures. He has a website somewhere, but I can’t get the link. The information where I read this has been deleted or erased. Supposedly Jerry, father of 16 year old Joseph, was married 3 weeks ago and lives in Florida where he & son were returning home with their 2 dogs in their van when they were stopped by police. I don’t know the ‘truth’ is from that point on. As we all know, ‘truth’ is something rare to find in media & elsewhere today.

  5. cowpattie Says:

    Police: Ohio man, son killed Ark. officers
    From Associated Press
    May 22, 2010 7:31 AM EDT

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An Ohio man’s resentment of authority and run-ins with the law was enough for a local sheriff to warn that he may be dangerous if confronted by law enforcement. Years later, it appears the sheriff was right: The man and his teenage son fatally shot two Arkansas police officers during a traffic stop and were later killed in a shootout, police said.

    Jerry Kane Jr., 45, of Forest, Ohio, and his son Joseph Kane, believed to be 16, were identified by police Friday as the gunmen who used AK-47 assault rifles to attack West Memphis police Sgt. Brandon Paudert, 39, and Officer Bill Evans, 38.

    Father and son had been pulled over in a minivan on Interstate 40 in West Memphis on Thursday, and they were killed about 90 minutes later during a shootout in a Walmart parking lot.

    Jerry Kane, who had a long history with police, used the Internet to question federal and local governments’ authority over him and held debt-elimination seminars around the country. He recently complained about being busted at a “Nazi checkpoint” near Carrizozo, N.M., where court records show he spent three days in jail before posting a $1,500 bond on charges of driving without a license and concealing his identity.

    Sheriff Gene Kelly in Clark County, Ohio, said he issued a warning to law enforcement about Kane in July 2004, after Kane said a judge tried to “enslave” him when he was sentenced to six days of community service for driving with an expired license plate and no seat belt. Kane claimed he was a “free man” and asked for $100,000 per day in gold or silver, Kelly said.

    “After listening to this man for almost 30 minutes, I feel that he is expecting and prepared for confrontations with any law enforcement officer that may come in contact with him,” Kelly wrote in his warning to officers.

    Kelly told The Associated Press on Friday that he had been “very concerned about a potential confrontation and about his resentment of authority.”

    On an Internet radio show, hosted on a website that lets amateurs create their own shows and live discussions, Kane expressed outrage about his New Mexico arrest.

    “I ran into a Nazi checkpoint in the middle of New Mexico where they were demanding papers or jail,” he said. “That was the option. Either produce your papers or go to jail. So I entered into commerce with them under threat, duress and coercion, and spent 47 hours in there.”

    Kane said he planned to file a counterclaim alleging kidnapping and extortion against those involved in his arrest and detention. Kane also said he had an officer sign a document that said the officer must pay for using Kane’s name.

    “I am now putting together an invoice for him for approximately $80,000 in gold for the eight times he used my name,” Kane said on the radio show. “I already have done a background check on him. I found out where he lives, his address, his wife’s name.”

    Mark Potok, who directs hate-group research at the Southern Poverty Law Center, said Kane had not been in the group’s database before Thursday. But he said that was not surprising, given the “explosive growth” in the anti-government movement in recent years. With 363 new groups in 2009, there are now 512, Potok said.

    Members of so-called patriot groups don’t recognize the authority of the U.S. government and consider themselves sovereign citizens.

    JJ MacNab, a Maryland-based insurance analyst who has testified before Congress on tax and financial scams, said she had been tracking Kane for about two years and that his business centered on debt-avoidance scams.

    Potok said such scams are common in the sovereign citizen movement.

    “He basically promised them they would never have to repay their mortgage or credit card debt,” MacNab said.

    Kane’s website showed he held one of his seminars in Las Vegas 15-16 and that he was due to appear in Safety Harbor, Fla., May 28-29. His website Friday asked that donations be sent to an address in Clearwater, Fla., to help his family.

    At that Florida address, a woman, speaking through the front door, told an AP reporter to leave the property when he knocked and identified himself. Two bicycles were in front of the unkempt, single-story home and exercise equipment was on the porch. A sign on the front door read: “No visitors. This means you. Thank you for understanding.”

    A woman who answered the door at the home of Kane’s mother, Patricia Holt of Marysville, Ohio, also told an AP reporter to leave and said she had no comment. She did not identify herself.

  6. cowpattie Says:

    These people obviously had no respect for ANY of the laws of the United States. They also appear to haVe been “conspiracy theorists”. But, regardless of their far-out philosophies, the government will make every effort to paint us, the Constitutionalists, with the same brush.

    Recall the old saying, “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”? Allow me to update it: WHEN THE CONSTITUTION IS OUTLAWED, PATRIOTS WILL BECOME CRIMINALS.

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