Soetoro-Obama still running against Bush 43 – Gave commencement speech last year at Annapolis. This year it’s West Point.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

President Obama pledged to shape a new, international order based on global cooperation and partnerships that address not just military, but also economic and environmental challenges.

“Politically, Obama loves to talk about the Constitution, but will bypass its provisions if he believes it hinders his agenda,” warns political strategist Mike Baker. “He uses flowery language and colorful flourishes that hide his predisposition to socialism and neo-Marxism.”


A Robert Herner illustration

One Response to “Soetoro-Obama still running against Bush 43 – Gave commencement speech last year at Annapolis. This year it’s West Point.”

  1. Kingratfish Says:

    Obama is still running against “Bushism” Free Markets and Cronie’ Capitalism”) is part of the American Ideology that has been woven into the minds of Americans for over 250 years. His Marxism has also plagued and cursed the national borders of all Communistic Countires where NO middle class exists. The Governance determines which Bondsman or Slave has title. The trappings of achievement are void. The voice of Individualism is crushed beneath the weight of power and greed. There is only “the have and the have nots.” The former being considerably lower in number. The axis of great wealth and oppresive poverty. Poverty claiming the greatest loss in liberty and troddened down exspendable collateral damage for the pursuits of the extreme wealth. Obama is talking Internal Order based on Laws determined not by our individual nation but rather on a league of nationless corporations with the “Wizard of Oz” somewhere at the end of the yellow brick road wielding the controls of the massive global society into derivatives of money, for the succession of power in an olegarchial destiny. This is the New Dawn of Agenda 21 where no man is his own person but rather a pawn or serf for the demi-gods of wealth and control. At best you are a butler, at worst, you are disguarded rubbish. Public Private Partnerships -Think about that, which one is the middle class? PS: Go get Bernie Madeoff’ with the money: pardon/ICE help “Mission Impossible”…Communist in WH/POTUS Where the HELL is McCarthy and Gen Patton; Not yet/ GET them ASAP…Double Time Wilco…Willard bring Ben.

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