Camp FEMA: American Lockdown (Full-length)

Monday, 24 May 2010


Double feature

2 Responses to “Camp FEMA: American Lockdown (Full-length)”

  1. kingratfish Says:

    Doesn’t surprise me a bit, but then I am a Sovereign Educated Right Winged Republic Conservative, Anti-Abortion, Prior Military, Bible Believing Christian, Constitutionalist, Bill of Rights and Foundational Document’s Loving Tea Party Birther Gun Owner well informed of the Political Usurption in DC and the Agenda 21 Policies of the United Nation’s and IMF’s NWO, anti-American, Un-Constitutional Treatice building inside the Facist-Socialist fractions of our De-Facto Governance in order to eliminate free speech, self defence and American Liberties in order to forge a New Dawn of a Global Government. FEMA is now part of Dept of Defense and has no loyalty to the taxpayers, voters or citizens that have paid unwittingly out of their pockets to build these camps. Now what?

  2. bill Says:

    Simple Kingratfish,In your individual life and master of ALL you survey,decide what you can personally do to shut off the aid,comfort and MONEY
    that you spend with ALL corporate criminal entities
    and simply turn off the spigot.If you stop the money
    and tell them why,it will go a long way to getting their minds,right ! If enough citizens will get their “minds right” and do likewise in unison,change WILL happen.

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