Helen Tansey with a tease…

Monday, 24 May 2010

SOETORO-OBAMA just fired former Navy Admiral Dennis Blair from his post as National Security Adviser (er…that is…I mean Blair resigned)

Gentlemen and gentle ladies- this is going to be one mind blowing week. fasten your seat belts because America is getting ready to go for one helluva ride. I am privy to a series of stories coming out of Chicago this week that will effectively wake up the masses. If this doesn’t do it nothing will.I will cross post the articles once I’ve been told the terms.

Until such time, I encourage you to read why
Admiral Dennis C. Blair was really fired by Obama.

Visit The T-Room at http://www.t-room.us It’s the lead story in theDaily Specials section written by Christopher Story at World Reports.



Helen C. Tansey
The T-Room

3 Responses to “Helen Tansey with a tease…”

  1. thistle Says:

    Is this a reputable place to get true facts on stories? I have never been to the T-Room before, but after reading most of this story in there, some of the statements seemed (to me) a little ‘out there.’ Maybe it is just me since I’m not that politically savvy, so I’d like some opinions of some of those in here who are in the know, or at least more politically intelligent than I am. Thanks in advance.

  2. oh say can you see Says:

    Helen, Nothing! can surprise me after watching sycophantic effeminate congressmen shaking hands with,and fawning before, Felipe Calderon as he waged his finger in scornful contempt–for our laws, someone should of grabbed that punk by the ear and tossed him out the door…the incompetence, the corruption, the hubris, the absolute disregard for constitutional law and the American people; if we don’t turn things around soon–shudder–it’s going to get hairy.

  3. Amy Says:

    Maybe connected to why 0bama will be in Chicago this Memorial weekend????

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