NO MOSQUES! Folks from Brentwood, Tennessee sending a message to NYC!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Bonner said his suspicions about Islam were shaped in part by the writings of Bill French, a former physics professor who now runs the Nashville-based Center for the Study of Political Islam.

He argues that Islam is not really a religion. Instead, Warner says that Islam is a dangerous political ideology.


Thank you Stephanie Flater!

2 Responses to “NO MOSQUES! Folks from Brentwood, Tennessee sending a message to NYC!”

  1. A pen Says:

    It is a dangerous political ideology. Islam was crafted by Mohammed for one purpose, to take revenge on Meccans. It worked for him but died when he died. It was resurrected a hundred years later and used to create an empire. Since then the lack of a leader has resulted in the empires collapse and the retreat of Islam to uneducated peoples where hegemony is easily captured. It is once again being harnessed to trap unwary souls in its’ web of deception and from those unwitting converts it draws jihadists to terrorize every population it can infect. Imams are nothing more than petit dictators. All one must do is read the translated texts of those who resurrected the ideology and you can see the purpose and methodology it employs. Most web based publications have been scrubbed but I have read a vast number. Here is one still active which describes jihad as a mercy to non-believers. Yes sir, to attack and kill you in the name of Islam is a mercy upon you.

  2. A pen Says:

    If one wonders why this administration and a good portion of it’s supporters wish to fight along side the virtuous warrior you should understand this simple fact, Islam would put an end to sodomy and assorted acts if it were accepted into this nation as it is. For this reason alone it is duplicitous for the supporters of Obama who are fighting against Islam to state their support for freedom of religion as a constitutional respect when doing so would surely bring their demise from either virtue held common in either ideological foundation. At least Christians tolerate it even though it breeds the evil in DC we now suffer.

    Having ones cake and eating it too is not possible. The lefts umbrella of inclusion will fall apart when Obamas’ “political winds” begin to shift. There goes BHO’s bling! I wonder if he’ll return that as fast as he dumped Churchill’s bust back to England? You bet he won’t.

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