UPDATE: Joseph and Jerry Kane shooting

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Video report

Jerry Kane was wanted on a felony warrant.

A passing FedEx trucker witnessed the shooting of the two police officers. The truck driver called 911.

4 Responses to “UPDATE: Joseph and Jerry Kane shooting”

  1. kingratfish Says:

    Felony warrant for what exactly? Did they shoot the cops or what? I spotted this story and it looked alot like a “rail road job”. Seems strange at best that the police would shoot the 16 yr old kid as he was getting the dog out of the van. It looks pretty fishy. I smell a “Reno” here, how about you?

  2. Jeff Says:

    I think we should wait for the facts before we jump to conclusions.

    Cops have one of the toughest jobs in America and most of them are your neighbors.

  3. bill Says:

    Well there is one thing I learned from this video and that is “Law officers don’t have any First Amendment rights either or so said the commentator
    who said the officer was not authorized to speak.Interesting ! Don’t you think !?!?

  4. James Says:

    This smells very bad.

    They were shot and killed at Walmart.

    There is no report that Jerry or Joe were firing weapons in Walmarts parking lot.

    What trouble were they causing in the Walmart parking lot for the Police to fire and kill them???

    Why were they killed?

    Unless Jerry or Joe were firing weapons at the Police in the Walmart parking lot. The Police should have simple arrested them and brought them to jail and trial.

    There were no dead Officers in Walmart parking lot so this looks like the Police murder both Jerry and Joe Kane.

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