Obama Threatens 14 US Governors With Immediate Arrest for the crime of treason.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

CLICK HERE to read the article pulled from Canada Free Press less than 24-hours ago.

“Obama, in fearing a revolution against him by the States, this report continues, has moved swiftly against them, including nationalizing nearly all National Guard Forces in Governor Pawlenty’s Minnesota in what is being described as their State’s largest call up of troops since World War II. Other reports coming from the United States are stating that Obama has also nationalized the National Guard forces in Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, and perhaps Texas too.

“Though Obama may have taken from these dissident States their National Guard forces, the Governors of the States of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia still have under their sole command their State Defense Forces to go against US Federal forces.”

The folks at Congress.org have it posted again tonight.

It’s left up to you to decide what to do and how to use the information.

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Semper Fi to Citizens’ Tsunami (click here) and thanks to Stephanie Flater!

8 Responses to “Obama Threatens 14 US Governors With Immediate Arrest for the crime of treason.”

  1. Canada Free Press article on 14 governors threatened by Obama is no longer up at their site. The article shows up through their search engine. However, upon “clicking” the article title, a blank page shows up. It offers proof the article WAS there. Now gone. Scrubbed? Did find Congress.org reference to the article.

  2. kingratfish Says:

    Lock and load State Guards, I think we are in for a rough shod ride. Best last ditch peaceful effort is to write:
    Office of Congressional Ethics
    US House of Representatives
    425 3 rd Street Sw Suite 111o
    Washington DC 20024

    Ask the mto prosecute Obama for ethic violations and demand an investigation into the criminal actions against the Constitution of the United States. Call write and prompt these people to forge ahead into the Sestak and Bartt Stupak bribes. Indicate that you are aware of all unlawful actions by Obama and his administration. Help catch the “greasy pig”, just like an old-fashioned County Memorial Day Fair.

  3. cowpattie Says:

    This is a hoax taken from EU Times. They are no better than Weekly World News tabloid.

  4. Jo Jo Says:

    The threat to the Governors seems to be a hoax. I certainly hope so. I don’t have enough food stashed for Marshall Law currently. Read this site: http://wellregulatedamericanmilitias.com/profiles/blogs/obama-server-14-states?xg_source=activity

  5. Jackie Durkee Says:

    I can’t find one legimate source that confirms this is true. It would be horrible if true, but I’m not convinced yet.

  6. cowpattie Says:

    It is far enough away from the eligibility issue that the major networks would mention it.

    Most major hoaxes can be traced back to EU Times or jumpinginpools.com. This is what they do best.

  7. Texinator Says:

    I cannot believe that an honorable patriot like Commander Fitzpatrick would not remove a false story from his blog, so there must be something to this.

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