OBAMA declares June gay pride month…

Monday, 31 May 2010

From Jefferson’s Rebels

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OBAMA’s proclamation

2 Responses to “OBAMA declares June gay pride month…”

  1. kingratfish Says:

    I can see why Obama would by-pass Memorial Day, National Prayer Day and Flag Day. He was busy trying to come up with something appropriate for “Gay Pride Come out of the Closet” AKA Hug a Fag’for 30 Days. Another feather in the cap for the Socialist Commie Pinko Faggot. Lesby’ fair, why point fingers, and call names when you can always look at the obvious rule of thumb:
    If walks like duck, sounds like duck, and looks like duck…Then must be duck…
    Comrade OSAR Ducks.

  2. John Whittle Says:

    Now let me get this straight. This Obama fella has declaired himself to be a Christian….and a Muslim….. He is so mixed up in his tiny brain that he’s not even really sure what he is. Either way, by supporting and promoting the LGBT squad, Obama is in breach of his faiths’ principles – whichever one he decides to go along with – and has violated them to the extent of exposing himself as a liar, a traitor, a deceiver, a double minded pathetic failure who is unstable in his head, He’s a clever con merchant to the gullible. It seems that he is a Muslim when it comes to pleasing Muslims, then switches over to pretending to be a ‘christian’ when he wants to please real Christians. Oh yes, Obama is clearly a believer, sadly, he’s a make beleiver. No wonder people are confused. If it’s true that he is a so-called christian, then he has failed miserably in his witness to the whole world. Why is this? Because the Bible states categorically that homosexuality is the result of lustful vile affections. Gay and lesbian activities are clearly mentioned in scripture as being sin. Of course, sin is sin, regardless of whether it’s a suxual sin or that of a thief, a murderer, a blasphemer, a drunkard, a foul mouth, etc; etc; Who says so? God says so. This being the case, we were all born into sin, not one of us needed to go to university to be trained in the sinful nature; it came natural. Obama may as well declair a month of celebrations to support the work of car thieves, murderers and burglars. Wife beaters could also be given a month of recognition, with certificates of merit thrown in as a bonus. None of this has anything to do with the ‘in word’ being used for those who oppose the behaviour of LGBT members. The word homophobic has been introduced to slander all those who uphold the truth…as Obama should really be doing. Does anyone ever hear the word homophobic being used against someone who does not support housebreaking or shoplifters? Of course not. How is it that one becomes homophobic for speaking out against things that are clearly wrong, and a rotten influence on young children, whose minds are polluted by what they see going on, and are then told this is a natural way to behave? If I report someone who is attempting to break into a vehicle, am I homophobic? No way. This word is only used as a scapegoat for those who approve of suxual misconduct. However, Mr Obama Esquire is too weak and, as I say, double-minded to back down on his filthy protocols. The man is a mouse, a puppet on a string who loves to please people to gain an alleigance in his own favour. What a sly guy he is. Haven’t the yanks learned anything from his election scams. Don’t they realise he told over 50 lies to get into office. (It’s all documented you know). He is clever and sly, obnoxious and deceitfull, but the yanks will love him and continue to put him on a pedestal because sin promotes sin and people love to wallow in sin. As a ‘christian’ Obama has disgraced himself and made a complete mockery out of his so-called faith. He acts more like a pagan, but one thing is certain; God, the Almighty Supreme God, will not be mocked by the likes of Obama and his cronies. The fierce anger of God will come upon him. Who said so? God said so. The President of America is a fool. In his election speach he proudly announced in his smart Superman outfit that he was not born in a manger, but sent from the planet KRYPTON TO SAVE THE WORLD. And the stupid crowd cheered and applauded this great pretender. What a fool he’s turned out to be. It’s obvious he needs gimmicks to draw attention… poor sod. Obamas’ CV should be just about right to get him a job collecting garbage. The citizens of the USA have been conned by this twit who has blinded the minds of America with his smooth talk and deceiving smile. When will people ever learn. His witness as a Christian stinks. His witness as a Muslim stinks. His witness as a President stinks, but will anyone care? I doubt it very much. You will all suffer the consequences of this man who takes great pride in violating the Supreme Authority of Almighty God. And that, is a serious offence. How he has survived this long beats me, maybe his Muslim friends are paying to keep him in office…I don’t know, but if he worked for me he would have been sacked the first day. The best he can do now is repent and get himself right with the nation, the people of America whom he has swindled with his constant lies, and most urgently, get right with God. Open your blinded eyes America. With all the publicity he earns himself as a con-man I’m amazed he hasn’t been chucked out on the streets for bringing a bad reputation to the Whitehouse.

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