Monroe County Grand Jury update:

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


A new Grand Jury is constructed and will assemble tomorrow to scrutinize and consider the four Class A misdemeanor charges the state alleges naming me as defendant.

The new Grand Jury has offered an opportunity for me to testify before them in person tomorrow.

I will be at the Courthouse when the doors open in the morning.

The new Grand Jury will meet in the Monroe County Courthouse in Madisonville, Tennessee beginning at 0800 hours.

Counselor Richard Hughes notified me by voice mail time-stamped 1545 hours local (EDT) this afternoon (Wednesday, 2 June 2010). Attorney Hughes is the senior public defender for Tennessee’s 10th Judicial District (Monroe, McMinn, Bradley and Polk counties).

I took Counselor Hughes’ call first earlier this evening at 1800 hours.

Martha “Marty” Cook called Hughes to notify him. Marty Cook is the elected Clerk to the Criminal Circuit Court.

You know what I know.

18 Responses to “Monroe County Grand Jury update:”

  1. Steph F. Says:

    Good luck, Walt. Our prayers are with you. Please keep us posted.

  2. Jeff Stasney Says:

    Burn their asses JAG Walter. Do us proud!
    Ooooohhhhh Rrrrahhhhhh!!!
    The Lords Blessings from your Christian Soldiers!

  3. TCT Says:

    What did you do now?…LOL
    Good luck tomorrow and God be with you!

  4. Helen Says:

    Yes, our prayers are with you, Sir. Be strong, have faith and move forward. Bless you in your mission, Helen

  5. MacPUBLIUS Says:

    Wanna bet if Mr. “P” is the jury foreman on this one? Blink, blink… blink!

  6. thistle Says:

    Lt. COL. LAKIN is being denied a fair trial too.

  7. bill Says:

    While I believe Walter Fitzptrick is armed with facts and everything he has done is legal under law and the Constitution,the Lame Stream Media refuses to alert We The People to this knowledge apparently because they are bought and paid for.It is now,up to every citizen to help inform ALL of the American people just as I am doing with this small html file of the Obama Columbia Trial (verdict=guilty)
    that can be downloaded here:

  8. Patti McElligott Says:

    Our prayers are with you.

  9. thistle Says:

    Best of wishes Walt!!! May God open the eyes and ears of everyone in that courtroom so that they hear the truth and act on it swiftly.

  10. creeksneakers2 Says:

    Jag Hunter:

    Are you representing yourself? Canada Free Press says you are but they say a public defender arranged the new grand jury. What is going on?

  11. Helen Says:

    Walt – it is nearing 11 pm here in Virginia. Many are anxiously awaiting an update from you.

    At least let us know you are okay and at home, Sir. We need to hear something.

    Our prayers and positive thoughts/energy are with you.

  12. Pete Says:

    Commander, we were all asking about you during the AGJ radio show and in the chat… Mark said he was thinking of giving you a call to book you as a guest next week on the show. Like Helen said, we hope you will post an update soon… we waited up but have to be on the farm early so it’s time to say our prayers and hit the hay.

  13. bill Says:

    Here is a file that needs to be distributed EVERYWHERE concerning the struggles of Lt.Col Lakin and Lt.Cmdr.Fitzpatrick.The criminal
    handlers do not want We the People to be aware of their monkey business.It is up to each and every one of us.

  14. Zeb Says:

    Checked the two local rags and Canada Free Press. No news. Will email Mr. Fitz now.

  15. A pen Says:

    Patiently awaiting any news. I am confident an unbiased grand jury will not only hear evidence but allow further court processes to set in stone the real reason we have laws, to prosecute crime not to control and manipulate dissenting opinion.

  16. bill Says:

    Well unlike A pen,I am not confident about anything
    considering that the criminal handlers realize their
    “butts are in the breeze” for their criminal activities.I will however live in Hope,even though,I may die in despair.cheers

  17. […] RONDEAU: I’ve heard the name “Richard Hughes.”  I’ve been told that all the defense attorneys work for the judges […]

  18. […] public defenders – Richard Hughes, who is the senior public defender in the Tenth Judicial District, is a criminal, because he knows […]

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