J.B. Williams: Monroe County Tennessee “SPECIAL” Grand Jury update

Saturday, 5 June 2010


It’s been a trying and tedious Thursday and Friday. An update detailing first hand the events of Thursday, 3 June 2010 will be posted over this weekend.

J.B. Williams was briefed and reported last night.

CLICK HERE or on the scales image below for J.B.’s first account.

Click on Robert Hefner’s illustration for J.B. Williams’ report

2 Responses to “J.B. Williams: Monroe County Tennessee “SPECIAL” Grand Jury update”

  1. kingratfish Says:

    JB Williams is correct. Every American needs to make a stand on the unlawful commanding orders from an illegal POTUS.
    It is the respondibility and duty of every military individual and every citizen of the United States.
    It is apparent and obvious even to a casual observer, that Obama is not a NBC, consequently ineligible for POTUS, and cannot/should not be Commander and Chief of our Military.
    Even if Obama was a legal POTUS, the rules of military engagement and deployment have been violated by Obama. Without an official Congressional “Act of war”, Obama is not legally able to deploy more than one branch of the military to a foreign country-let alone the Reserve Units and National Guard!
    This is a key protection built into our Constitution in order to preserve military-ready forces on our national homefront. National Guard and Reserve Units are military units that protect our nation from domestic invasion and replace rapidly deployed active duty soldiers at military bases insdie the United States. Thus the words National and Reserve have true meaning.
    Obama has implemented to forge all military branch units under an umbrella of one, in order to eliminate this important separation of the military operations and cause further confusion regarding national security and another point in Constitutional crisis.
    Further implementation of Foreign National Military Personel into the United States Military is a contemplative problem. The recent shooting incident at Fort Hood, is a significant reminder of the problems associated with dualistic loyalties and subversive actions.
    UN Troops operating within our continental borders is a serious threat to civilian liberty and is in fact, a violation the Constitutional “Posse Cumaitatus Act”
    This ACT was intended to prevent military force against the United States Citizendry.
    Military men and Civilians alike are being duped and converged into Global Governance and an International Militant Police Force.
    Citizen’s and soldier’s DO NOT have to ability to challenge an un-lawful breech of the Supreme Law of the Land, nor question internal security measures performed in the nation itself.
    Comrades, when we are all removed from our homes, rounded up, RFID chipped, Force-vaccinated and tucked into your FEMA Camp cots, waiting for deployment to a State Determined destination, will you THEN believe there is a problem? Or will it be a conspiracy still?

  2. Patriot Says:

    Commander, Have been respectfully waiting for your weekend update and hope you are OK, Sir. Please let us know what happened, J.B. only had a few small details.

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