In an email to Mr. Floyd Brown…

Monday, 21 June 2010

Mr. Brown,

Thank you for your support. And for your apology. Please know I cannot accept any money in obedience to my Oath. I cannot allow even the appearance regarding any personal or financial interest or gain.

Apology accepted: In writing here with witnesses: No worries.

The matter is dropped.

I ask you do the right thing and notify your audience there’s been an honest mistake, explain the nature of the mistake and refund their money upon their request. Please make it clear I’ve received no money. I will not accept any money.I admire your work as well with colleagues such as Mr. Kirby Wilbur and Jim Walker ( We have other work more deserving of our focus and resources. In a separate email I gently suggest there exists a network of common interest worthy of pursuit.

Fair winds, following seas,


Thanks again to Air Force Colonel Reynolds!

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