Tuesday, 22 June 2010

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Obama Democrats have Declared War on the States

By JB Williams

Let’s establish right up front that not all Democrats are with Obama, and therefore, not all Democrats are on the wrong side of the fight for freedom, liberty and states’ rights. Former Marine and Constitutional Democrat Tim Curtis is running for congress in the heavily Democratic 11th district in Florida, and because Tea Party and 912 folks still think it’s all about R’s and D’s, he has no real support from the so-called “constitutional” movement. What a real shame!

Meanwhile, Democrats in the Progressive Caucus and Black Caucus (aka Democratic Socialists of America) are fully on-board with Obama. But not all Democrats are on-board…

Obama and all who stand with him today – have openly declared war on the states and the American people and Obama & Co. plan to win that ideological war before the average American figures out that they are indeed at war with their federal government for the future of freedom.

The Tenth Amendment under full frontal Assault

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The term “enumerated powers” is no longer part of the legislative lexicon in Washington DC. The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of the federal government openly attack Tenth Amendment rights on a daily basis. No ‘theories” are required as the daily assault on the states is now happening in broad daylight.

  • Arizona – is under federal assault for attempting to uphold existing immigration laws within their sovereign state. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put Arizona on noticeceded US land to Mexican drug lords. The same story is playing out in California and other places across the nation. during a TV interview in Ecuador, announcing on foreign soil that Obama Democrats intend to stop Arizona from exercising its Tenth Amendment right to pass laws which protect and serve the citizens of Arizona. In addition, Obama has now

  • New York – is under federal assault for attempting to avoid state bankruptcy by passing an emergency state budget that included the furlough of 100,000 state employees that New York can no longer afford. A federal judge stepped in to block the state passed and signed emergency budget effort. The reason stated by the judge was “the labor unions did not agree to the furloughs,” placing both the Fed and labor unions above the state’s right to balance its own budget and control its own financial condition.

  • Federal Health Care bill – is a direct violation of Tenth Amendment rights and numerous states (20 at present) have joined a federal suit challenging Obama’s “enumerated power” to force national health care upon the states and the people. Obama Democrats are trying to force the court to drop the health care overhaul suit.

  • Federal Agencies – tell the states that they have NO power against the Fed. According to Obama Democrats, federal laws trump state laws and even the US Constitution. Their criminal and civil “rules of procedure” trump everything. On this basis, federal agencies repeatedly notify states that they have no states rights and that the Fed is not in any way limited to “enumerated powers.”

  • The Gulf States – are dying from federal mishandling of the BP oil spill and they are being told that they are powerless and must rely solely upon Obama Democrats to save the gulf and protect their citizens. Arizona already knows how well that turns out…

Remember when Democrats refused to count Florida and Michigan delegate votes in the 2008 Democrat primaries, because the two states wanted to control their own primaries?

The list of full frontal assaults upon states rights is almost endless after eighteen months of Obammunism. Clearly, Obama Democrats are convinced that the Tenth Amendment no longer stands.

Those who beg to differ should follow the works of the Tenth Amendment Center.

Assaults on Individual Rights

Obama Democrats have not only declared war on the states – they have declared war on the vast majority of American citizens as well.

  • The right to peacefully assemble is being prosecuted as a “riot” today.

  • The right of peaceful redress is being denied on the basis of “no legal standing.”

  • Second Amendment rights are being denied by federal laws and the BATF.

  • A fundamental right to Life and Liberty is being denied on the basis of a single case precedent.

  • The judiciary is creating laws and the legislature is failing in its fundamental duties.

  • The White House is functioning like an absolute dictatorship at odds with more than 70% of the people.

  • Citizens are being accused of “domestic terrorism” for demanding a return to constitutional government.

  • Numerous judges have advised citizens that they have NO standing to question any of it.

The daily assaults on individual freedoms and liberties are coming so fast and furious at this point that the people can’t even keep count – much less provide a legitimate defense. Our system of self-governance has been replaced with an oligarchy made up of a handful of Chicago thugs and international global socialists.

An increasing number of citizens are living under fear of a contrived “state of emergency” followed by “martial law” as they watch ecological, financial and national security threats grow by the hour.

State legislatures are rushing to put Tenth Amendment and Second Amendment protections in place to protect their citizens from an increasing threat coming out of Washington DC on so many fronts that there is no way to defend against them all on a case-by-case basis.

The Potential for a Peaceful Solution

If our federal government were operating within the confines of the US Constitution, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Because it is not operating within the confines of the supreme law of this land, peaceful solutions are very difficult to identify.

Still, every effort must be made to find and use peaceful options before proceeding to much less attractive alternatives.

The Rule of Law

Until we completely exhaust all legal avenues for peaceful redress, we must operate as though the legal system still respects the rule of law, despite growing evidence to the contrary. We must work to find an entry point into the courts to seek peaceful resolution.

“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” – JFK

In this regard, we have only three potential points of entry…

The UCMJ – Military Courts

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin is currently facing courts martial for refusing “unlawful orders” to deploy, based upon convincing evidence that those orders were issued by an “unlawful” command. Lakin has so far been denied his right to present evidence supporting his decision, once again on the basis of “no standing.” This case MUST go forward on behalf of all who wear a military uniform today, and Lakin must be allowed to present evidence in defense of court martial, or, the UCMJ will prove that they are just another corrupt entity operating at odds with the Constitution.

The Criminal Courts

LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III has a pending criminal complaint accusing Barack Hussein Obama of Treason, filed in Monroe County Tennessee. Via this initiative, Fitzpatrick has uncovered convincing evidence to support his subsequent charges of corruption and obstruction within with Monroe County legal system which demonstrates how the federal government is now using the local courts to run interference for Washington DC corruption, operating in an illegal manner itself in that effort. Fitzpatrick is to appear in Monroe County court on June 28, 2010.

The Civil Courts

Numerous cases have been filed in numerous civil courts across the country challenging Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility for office and thus far, all cases have been denied the right to present any evidence on the matter, once again claiming that the people have “no legal standing” to question their elected servant in the White House. These efforts must persist until we have exhausted all reasonable efforts to uncover the truth about Barack Obama via peaceful redress within the legal system.

State Legislatures

The states have the power to protect the people from a runaway fraudulent federal government by quickly passing Tenth Amendment laws and then re-asserting their Tenth Amendment rights regarding every incident in which the federal government has overstepped its enumerated powers to the direct detriment of the states and the people of those states. In this regard, ALEC is a national organization of “constitutionally conservative” state legislators who work together to identify, draft, introduce and pass state legislation designed to use the Tenth Amendment to force the federal government back into Constitutional compliance.

Protests, Petitions and Rallies

Once again, if elected servants in Washington DC gave a hoot about the voice of the majority, I would not be writing this piece today. Washington DC already knows that they are operating at odds with the vast majority of American citizens on almost every policy decision coming out of DC today. They simply do not care…

So, protests, petitions and rallies are a waste of precious energy, time and resources. Nobody benefits more from these efforts than our opponents.

These initiatives never fail to provide the occasional crackpot – which the left will gladly use to delegitimize the entire movement and meanwhile, keeping frustrated patriots busy on useless busy work will keep them from engaging in anything real and tangible.

If you are a PAC (Political Action Committee) seeking to harness money from frustrated patriots in order to make yourself a mover and shaker in the politics of partisanship, these things draw big crowds ready to write a check.

But if you are seeking to empower the people with real and tangible strategies to regain control of their government and secure the future of their country, these things are actually counter-productive.

A Not So Peaceful Solution

If we fail to succeed in finding peaceful solutions, violent solutions will become a natural consequence of that failure.

Nobody in their right mind “seeks” a violent solution. But as JFK once pointed out so well, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

If we the people allow every peaceful option to pass, we will find only violent options remain.

The left is counting on American patriots to let all peaceful solutions pass, either by way of apathy or misdirection. The left will do all they can to promote violent acts by patriots, which will only confirm the groundwork they have already set in place through the Southern Poverty Law Center, which labels every patriotic citizen a “potential domestic terrorist” in advance, strictly on the basis of upholding America’s founding principles and values. This group is writing federal policy for the Department of Homeland Security.

If we do not make peaceful solutions work, we will be left with only violent solutions. That’s where our opponents want us to end up. If we find ourselves with only violent solutions – then our opponents will have succeeded in their strategies.

We must properly identify and exploit all peaceful alternatives each and every day.

Today, this means pressing forward in the options presented in this piece. These situations present opportunities and smart folks will use these affronts to freedom and liberty to advance their cause for freedom and liberty.

Like Rahm Emanuel says – “Never let a good crisis go to waste!”

The US Military and US Citizens are in the same crisis today, “unlawful” Command from an unlawful administration. Together, they can solve the entire problem by not allowing these opportunities to pass.

Soldiers and citizens must stand together, with state legislatures providing a defense at the state lines. State legislators and governors must work together to put down a runaway Fed as well.

We the people must engage in real and tangible opportunities to reclaim control of our nation while we still can. We must not waste time and resources on initiatives that provide no verifiable results and no reasonable expectation for proper change.

Together, we the people can take our country back. To do so, we must focus upon that goal and stop wasting energy building political organizations that are just as easily corrupted as those we seek to defend against today.

Radio Talk Show host Dennis Prager got it exactly right in his recent speech at the University of Denver.

We can – and we must get it right. We have been the problem and now we must become the solution!

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  1. A pen Says:

    Nice article JB. From what I see the bases have been covered as far as using the courts to do anything but stall the advance of tyranny. Time is valuable and so it was warned in the Declaration of Independence to not wait so long as they did but to act as soon as a course toward despotism was identified. I suggest the Continental Congress 2009 did an excellent job identifying many acts but the utter flood of acts now advancing are the ones which will seal our fate. The fact is that there is a same hands faction operating in the government. As we all know now, the rule of standing was engineered to lay precedent for this very day. A dark one indeed.

  2. […] declares war on the states (Arizona, for […]

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