Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A Robert Hefner illustration


No border fence.

No troops on the border.

Obama warring against the states.

And Obama’s message to us by way of Arizona’s senior Senator Jon Kyl:


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5 Responses to “TREASON is…”

  1. Dean(Brown Water Navy) Says:

    Don’t particularly care for Senator Kyl since speaking out about Obozo’s natural born citizen status. His ridiculous acknowledgment of Obozo’s COLB is the case in point. As stated at Gunny ‘G’s blog, Snopes is a part of the left wing propaganda machine. Calling a COLB acceptable in place of the actual legal BC is criminal.

    The primary responsibility of the federal government is to protect it’s citizens led by the CIC. To date Barak Hussein Obama is an epic FAIL along with the rest of the looters in the District of Criminals.

    The problem with illegals is they are trespassers, at worst infiltrators, that are sucking our economy dry and bringing all of their diseases, bad attitudes and lack of acceptable work ethics to our country along with insurgents and terrorists who are determined to wreak havoc here.

    Mexican president Caulderon is brilliant in this sense. How does a poor country like Mexico take over a rich country like the U.S.? By sending 12 million plus trespassers in here to take our resources and destroy it from within. Aided and abetted of course by the left and all the others who want to destroy this country.

    And they are doing it without firing a shot or mobilizing a huge army while Mexico reaps the benefits. The trespassers take our free handouts to live here and then send whatever U.S. dollars they make back to Mexico while spending very little of what they earn in this economy. They don’t pay taxes, they do not support our economy, they do not assimilate nor do they make any reasonable attempt at getting legal U.S. citizenship. They could care less and they project the attitude that they are somehow entitled to it. Ridiculous!

    Mexico benefits greatly from having their trespassers here while the U.S. steadily goes down hill, unwilling to defend itself and failing to recognize the reality of what is going on here.

    The gutless wonders in DC should be made to pay for their folly.

  2. Mickey Says:

    Obama makes Benedict Arnold look like a rank amateur in comparison.

  3. Robert Pack Says:

    Commander: How good a move is it to have everyone in the military who opposes the administration to identify themselves? In the event of an “incident”, they would be quickly isolated and rendered impotent. Don’t let your anger overwhelm your judgment. This is all more than a little premature.

  4. kingratfish Says:

    Why is this man still in the oval office without credentials? Why is he allowed to orchestrate 2 wars, an economy, pass legislation, execute EO’s and radically alter our form of governance without so much as a passport? It is plain to see that our system of government and economy mean nothing to him personally, and that the Constitution of the United States is in the way of his radical agenda. Obama even state that the United States Flag was a symbol of oppression. Does any of the rhetoric coming out of the mouths of his administration even appear remotely American? Barak H. Obama’s aka Barry Soetoro’s “transition” of America is absolute Treason. Can ANYONE give me a good reason why he is still acting as POTUS? Today he fired General Stanley McChrystal because he “disliked the critcism” of an article in the Rolling Stone? huh? I hope he bought 5 copies for his mother.
    This is SO out of hand, Bal-outs, GM Controls, OIL Spewing, Health-Care, Ammensty for llegals, no borders, Feds vs the States’ Governors, Czars, Cooking Senatorial Elections, Leftist Judicial Appointments, Interpol Authority, Shariah Law, and UN Controls.
    Can ANYONE STOP this ludicrous masquerade?

  5. Mickey Says:

    General McChrystal is the General Patton of our time. Had Patton engaged the Soviets after beating the Nazis as he wanted to, we wouldn’t have put up with Soviet Domination of Eastern Europe and elsewhere, and millions of lives would have been spared.

    I just hope that McChrystal, would continue to take on the Marxist establishment of the Obama administration and lead American people in a movement to restore the Republic to it’s intended

    He would be a perfect individual to lead all the Tea Party Groups to a VICTORY over the enemies of the Nation.


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