Sunday, 4 July 2010

…to be found in any place you care to look!

Wounded warriors taxed by ObamaCare for prosthetic, medical devices

To arrest TREASON read this…then write this!


5 Responses to “TREASON is…”

  1. Dean(Brown Water Navy) Says:

    It defies logic how any intelligent, thinking citizen who loves this country could vote for or support any Democrat.

    Beginning with Obama, his entire cabinet and moving right on down the line, it is obvious most, if not all, are without any doubt guilty of high treason.

    The evidence is striking. What remains for me are questions. We are in to the “doin’ part” but who will have the courage to implement the arrests besides a handful of patriots?

  2. kingratfish Says:

    Arrest them all and sort them out later. Sick of theis tyranny imposed by the elected elite and the “runaway Socialist train” so called Democratic Party. This is not your daddy’s democrats folks. Take a really good look into the agenda 21 series of sustainable development.
    If we are bankrupt, then the govt we now have is ubnsustainable….and they are indeed guilty of treason. Get rid of them now before the election-or pay the price of tyranny.

  3. Dean(Brown Water Navy) Says:

    I stand corrected. The comment was made prior to watching the first video.

    Amend it to state “any career politician.” That would include Republicans.

  4. between heaven and hell Says:

    What don’t you understand about “unalienable” rights you treasonous bastards?

  5. Have you check out:

    Demanding Resignation / Treason.

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