TREASON is…a whole list of things!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Looking to enumerate some reasons for filing complaints of treason?

A Robert Hefner illustration

Following list was compiled and provided by courtesy of W. Alan Gluck

Still don’t believe in George Sorros, Obama as a puppet, the liberal media, and the Democrat’s agenda?  Think about what they all have accomplished in the past year (I apologize for any mistakes in this list. I just wrote it down from memory in just a few minutes and I realize my memory is probably just as bad as Obama’s memory of the constitution).  It’s actually quite impressive if you want a fundamental change in our country:

1. Government take over of Banks
2. Government take over of GM and Chrysler run by the government and Unions (workers of the world unite…)
3. Government take over of Auto Loans (GMAC now a government owned bank)
4. Government take over of Student Loans
5. Government take over of The internet (only during a crises of course)
6. Gave EPA the power of law instead of needing cap and trade
7. Finance abortions all around the world
8. Gave 50 billion or YOUR tax dollars to Greece
9. Changed TARP to give away TRILLIONS (not the original billions)
10. Changed the rules of TARP instead of returning loans paid back to the treasury; instead using the funds elsewhere
11. Running up trillion dollar deficits for the next 10 years & longer; now over $14 TRILLION under Obama and his foolish spending plans – completely un-Constitutional, and now,THEY WON’T EVEN DO THEIR JOB AND PRODUCE A BUDGET THIS YEAR
12. Given a foreign police agency, Interpol, unlimited authority to violate American’s rights with 100% immunity by signing an executive order the days before Christmas, when all focus was on health care and Christmas
13. Sending chief thug (Holder) and the rest of his thugs out to attack the Arizona law all over the media, while no one even reads it, or even knows what’s in it
14. Reduces the size of the Border patrol
15. Gives foreign terrorist rights same as American citizens, while at the same time wanting to take away rights belonging to citizens
16. Reduces Charitable deductions for Churches
17. Hires an overwhelming number of Czars – Radical anti-American appointees – who he claims do not have to answer to anyone – the Constitution, you or me – the people. Un-Constitutional.
18. The Obama administration took over one sixth of the economy by FORCING their health care program on the people – Not only did no one read the bill… even if they did, it’s meaningless, because it basically says that the Administration will make up the rules… I mean write the rules as they want.
19. The federal government now has no choice but to tax the people more and more – to pay for their corruption, foolish social spending and their power grab, and wants to do so with a VAT. (a VAT would be good, ONLY if the IRS is eliminated)
20. The anti-American stimulus package that wasn’t even written by our politicians is a miserable failure. It was just a giant payoff to those that elected the bum into office – complete corruption and against EVERYTHING the Constitution and our founding fathers stand for.
21. Cash for Clunkers – a complete waste of taxpayer money that destroyed good condition cars in an attempt to artificially bump up the auto industry. Yet, most of the new cars sold during this program were foreign cars; and this program – which was easy to run – was a colossal failure in execution, efficiency and desired effect. A complete embarrassment for the American taxpayer that OUR government could not even run this program effectively – and yet they want to run the ENTIRE health care system – what a joke.
22. Ignorance or worse when handling Iran, N Korea, Russia and terrorist leaders in other countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan.
23. Who knows what else that’s not in the media.
24. Abandonment of our most important friend in the Middle East, Israel
25. Appointment of Muslims as leadership in Homeland Security, wow now that’s a brilliant move?
26. Appointment of Federal and Supreme Court Judges with a clear agenda to change the constitution from the bench
27. The list can go on and on and on

Looking for the right jurisdiction to submit your criminal charge of treason?

City Councils
Local Police – (

Available 24/7 – Defending freedom has become a full-time job!

To arrest TREASON read this…then write this!


One Response to “TREASON is…a whole list of things!”

  1. Moonbeam Says:

    Yep, that just about sums it up.

    The saddest part of all is that Obama told Americans what his plans were.

    I had fought his election since he began to run seriously for President. Many of us knew he was a fraud. I was dumbstruck when he was elected President.

    Now, with eyes wide open, we are in the Pit of Hell. Corruption and cowardice abound. We have a Muslim in the White House, and Eric Holder holds the bat.

    Will this stop Americans?? Hell NO!! Can you imagine how our Military Forces are feeling right now? Some far from home,watching this Oil spill. Knowing the travesty that is being perpretrated on their country. My God, my heart weeps for them.

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