Wednesday, 14 July 2010


State politicians of every stripe lead others working feverishly to legalize TREASON IN TENNESSEE! How appropriate…TREASON IN TENNESSEE…home of the “Power T.”

With growing exposure regarding the breath and reach of corruption in Tennessee, legalizing TREASON is the only refuge left to the rogue, criminal syndicate to which belong Treasoners we find in every county of every state.

Should Treason become lawful in Tennessee, of course, the notion will take hold of a nation. And with that the death of our Constitution, the death of another nation.

Legalizing TREASON is the only refuge left to OBAMA & Company.

You have moments left if you’re to begin to fight back.

There is no guarantee of success.

And yet, nothing else you’re doing in your life is more important.

Here endth the lesson!

A Robert Hefner illustration

7 Responses to “Legalizing TREASON in TENNESSEE!”

  1. kingratfish Says:

    Call General McCrystal, have the Obamarat’ arrested with a few if his henchmen. They are all guilty of treason, let them be tried as such, convicted and imprisoned or executed. Take your pick. Sick to death of their deception and criminal behavior.

  2. Stan Miller Says:

    Someone is defaming you all over the internet saying you are involved in the Monroe County GOP official’s murder. Jean Gibson left comments on stating such. You should sue him/her.

  3. ER nurse Says:

    Agreed @ kingratfish. The military from other countries have physically removed their Commie dictator last year. Why aren’t we? Where are our military leaders? We MUST protect our lawful government from these people.

  4. A pen Says:

    What did Jim Miller have in his head that was worth killing him for? Was he asking too many of the right kind of questions? Since he was actively working an election do you feel it appropriate for TBI to head the investigation or should this be a civil rights / voting rights case investigated by the FBI or a congressional investigation given the circumstances which you have already revealed ? Do you think there will be justice pursued or loose ends tied up?

  5. A pen Says:

    Still no real insight as to what is really going on in Tenn. All indications are there is a deafening silence which either means truth is being gathered or lies being perfected. How about a hint from your perspective?

  6. chasbeau Says:

    How about ANYTHING from your perspective?

  7. bill Says:

    I heard it said,by lawyers,that one of the best tactics of a defense attorney is delay,delay and more delay.What we are seeing,is what We the People are getting. 😦

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