Friday, 17 September 2010


Two years of planning, almost a year after launching the exploratory organization Freedom Force USA and a year of carefully vetting our strategies on the ground in real-time, The United States Patriots Union is LIVE TODAY!

Many of you have been with us from the beginning, having pledged financial and other support to the cause for almost a year now. Some of you wondered if we were ever going to go LIVE.

We never hesitated for even a moment in moving forward with tangible strategies over the last two years, moving tens of thousands of patriots into precinct delegate positions across the country, confronting legal matters in numerous high and low profile cases, and vetting all of our strategies for a full scale launch.

We were never focused on the 2010 elections. We have NO faith in a new crop of politicians, no matter which party they belong to. We believe in the American patriot, the American spirit and the power of the PEOPLE!

From day one, we have stayed the proper course. We didn’t ask for money first and then see what to do next. We figured out what to do first, vetted it in real-time on the ground, planned carefully, designed with security and productivity as our primary goal and NOW, we are ready for all patriots to join!

Most people think of our Founding Fathers as extraordinary men because they achieved such extraordinary things. But the truth is most of them were just average men doing extraordinary things. We wouldn’t know any of their names today had they not come together to achieve the creation of the freest most prosperous nation ever known to mankind. Patriots Union hopes to recreate that magical era of greatness, by bringing average American patriots together to do extraordinary things once again, in the re-birth of freedom and liberty in America!


Today, you can JOIN and become a vital part of something real and tangible!


May God continue to bless all of our united efforts!


  1. patgarrettmiller Says:

    Where do I sign up and how fast can I get there?
    The problem is never the problem, the solution is the problem and America’s problems are about to be solved by the Patriot Solution!

    Keep your eyes on the shining city on the hill, Planet Earth, America WILL RISE AGAIN!

    Pat Garrett Miller/AlphaPatriot

  2. Hello all patriots of the United States.

    Please review
    This is his bio, and as President he had to have authorized the publishing of it. Note second statement: Father from Kenya and mother from Kansas! He now admits publicly that he is a “non natural born citizen” in a federal document.

    We must all thank him with a Treason trial for this admission.

  3. DoubleEagle Says:

    “…freest most prosperous nation ever known to mankind.” ???

    Get real …

    Ever hear of the Patriot Act?

    The respected Legatum World Prosperity Index listed the USA at 9th place in 2009. I’m sure we’ve slipped some since then.

  4. I like what you are doing. I wonder how many independent groups there are all having the same goals. But with differing approaches.

    Denny Bowersox

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