Post & Email: JAGs protecting Obama have committed treason

Friday, 24 September 2010


by James H. Roberson

(Sept. 23, 2010) — Folks, we may be getting close to Civil War II.

Col. Lind is either a disgrace to the uniform, or a coward who has just covertly handed LTC Lakin’s defense team a “home-run” issue to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court!  A lengthy but very insightful interview with a legal military justice expert explains the background and history of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and WHY we must never give Obama an opportunity to declare “martial law,” which is brutal and NOT civilized, constitutional law as we normally comprehend it.

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7 Responses to “Post & Email: JAGs protecting Obama have committed treason”

  1. Review the events:

    Obama does not come clean during campaign trail and always attacked his semingly hostile apponents in the audience. E.g., Joe the Plumber.

    He is elected and on day one issues a Gag order on all of his history records.

    The GAG order is faulty because it only covers immediately prior to taking office and after taking office records generated by the President for the Archivist to protect.

    Hawaii records are state records and hospital records and not OBAMA records. However, a Governor, ahead of time, freezes his records on her own. (In military intelligence, a conspiracy is being hatched). Obama knows that there is a ghost in his past that disqualifies him from office (Was he a CIA Operative and his past generated from smoke an mirrors as usual, or was he a criminal, or was he a true Jihadist?) These issues are not relevant. What is relevant is the fact that his Father was a British/Kenyan Subject and his Mother from Kansas per the Law of Nations! If LAKIN is not permitted to use these facts, he is in a kangaroo court and must set the stage based on facts for appeal all the way to the Supreme Court.

    In the interim, The President has issued an Executive Order 13552 with hidden controls. For instance, in one instance a long standing “legal officer” becomes a “legal advisor”. Since Obama is the Head Judge in this case as the Commander in Chief, he has inserted undue influence on the lower Court Judge Lind simply by signing the EO. She definitely could be influenced by an OBAMA (Her big, big BOSS) advisor in her due process. I say due process because I do not believe due process will ever occur in this case.

    So, with the level of undue influence (or call it superior influence), and printed words such as, “the Judge said she would not let LAKIN “embarass the president”, he as several appeal routes already established to go to the Supreme Court.

    Keep in mind that his beef is with OBAMA, not LIND, not the Pentagon, not any one else. Obama has chosen bullying methods to secure his background. The constitution clearly states that when an Ambassador or Minister (Obama as head of state is a minister) it becomes a direct Supreme Court case (similar to a State having an Issue with the Federal Government such as Arizona). Obama injected very irrational reasoning through Place Holder with neither reading the Arizona law. This irrational reasoning already demonstrated by OBAMA should be prima facie evidence that he is capable of “Superior Influence” on a courtmartial under his chain of command and through EO 13552, already began that influence.

    I find it appaling that the Supreme Court has not already intervened under Constitutional Law and demanded a change of Court to their Jurisdiction which is the true Jurisdiction per the Constitution.

    Will LAKIN get a fair trial — NO NO NO.

  2. kingratfish Says:

    The treasonous banquet is being served to America, in our military and civilian courts. All compliant minions are traitors and sacrificing our constitution for the wheels of tyranny that are running rough shod over our nation. All Patriots need to stand firm against the political, corporate and military traitors that are helping the Liberal Agenda defame our Sovereignty and Constitutional Authority. I fear that the only remedy that remains is bloodshed. I have written my Senator and Congressmen,Us Supreme Court, State Attorney General, Department of Defense, and US Dept. of Justice. I have sent American Grand Jury Presentments to various Judges presiding over cases of eligibility and accountability. They have all fallen on blind eyes and the calls have fallen on deaf ears. The political class is the ruling class and has absolutely no intention of resolving the issue of Obama’s eligibility. He is NOT a NBC, not by any stretch of the imagination, even if he was born on the white house steps! Col Denise Lind is a liar and a coward and guilty of treason by following unlawful orders herself. She is a disgrace to the uniform and has actually lied stating that military orders come from the Pentagon and NOT the Commander and Chief! To disclose Obama’s eligibility might embarass the putative President? Oh please, this statement alone is terrible to say the least and reeks of “I am only saying what I was told to say” thus following unlawful orders, knowingly and forfeiting her oath to the Constitution and neglecting her duty to defend America against all enemies foreign and domestic. She does deserve a court martial herself, rather than presiding over one.

  3. Robert Pack Says:


    Same thing you been doing…nothing. Unless you want to count running around flapping your arms and yelling about the sky falling as “something”.

    I’d call you clowns, but this crap is too stupid to be funny.

  4. Pattie Says:

    Pack, are you on the Obama payroll or are you just another idiot?

  5. Robert Pack Says:

    Neither one, Pattie. So please tell me one (effective)thing you’ve been doing other than what I described.

  6. bill Says:

    I have to go along with Robert Pack,about the only thing I have seen so far,is many Americans joining “Pity parties” singing that famous song of “HeeHaw” “Gloom despair and agony on me ” otherwise for any idea that Americans have put forth,they can’t even get the courtesy of being called an idiot or a counter propasal,nothing but the sound of crickets.This is validated by the “non-response” to Robert Pack,dated Tuesday,28 September. You decide !

  7. bill Says:

    Oh ! and I forgot to say,My idea is that all of this fiasco boils down to the almighty dollar,so in response,I canceled the obfuscating Main Stream Media cable service,to the tune of around thirteen hundred dollars a year.If they can’t bring themselves to report “facts” then somehow ,I just can’t pry my checkbook open.cheers

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