Saturday, 9 October 2010

…taking away the constitutionally commanded Grand Jury and replacing the Grand Jury with a Court of the Judiciary.

Treason is the forcible resistance to the Constitution with intent (then success) to install a rival unconstitutional government.

Treason is Tennessee government officials destroying our constitutionally constructed Tennessee County Grand Juries and installing instead a rival, unconstitutional government organ called the Court of the Judiciary.

You must understand it was once the Free & Independent People’s Grand Jury that was invested with primary responsibility for oversight and discipline of the Judiciary.

3 Responses to “TREASON IS…”

  1. Why do we not just say that Treason is all of the current Legislative and Executive Branches of government. No one has stood up to their oath of office.

    • MacPUBLIUS Says:

      Not all involved that you mention above have committed treason. Many have committed misprision of treason (equally as bad in my opinion) by having knowledge of the treason and remaining silent. Have you ever wondered why the previous President hasn’t let out so much as a peep since he left office? Do you think he knows? I do. How many others can you think of that know? Try making a list of them all and you’ll soon realize what I mean. See US Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115, § 2381 and § 2382.

  2. Neil Says:

    Treason is the taking over of our Constutional Republic by the entire Congress, Judiciary (including SCOTUS), Executive, and the Military.

    All are complicit.

    We must develop a critical mass of pro-active Americans (10-12 million of them) to take back our Country – peacefully if possible.

    Keep spreading the word.

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