Memo to Mae Beavers – Subject: The Dictatorship of the Judiciary! The take over of Tennessee Grand Juries

Monday, 11 October 2010



Tennessee State Senator Mae Beavers - Chairman, Senate Juriciary Committee

From: Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

To: Tennessee State Senator Mae Beavers, Chairman Senate Judiciary Committee

Subject: The Dictatorship of the Judiciary! The take over of Tennessee Grand Juries!

Distribution: Wide

(1) Tennessee judges have taken over Tennessee government operations in myriad acts of Treason. The judges are enacting their own laws from the bench. The judges order prosecutors and sheriffs to enforce judicial mandates.

(2) Tennessee Judges ignore laws passed by the Tennessee legislature and signed by the governor.

(3) On 13 June 2008 Governor Phil Bredesen signed into Tennessee law a bill setting jury service term-limits.

(4) On 3 December 2008 Tennessee Judge Amy Armstrong Reedy personally appointed Mr. Gary D. Pettway into Pettway’s 19th and 20th consecutive years as a juror in the Monroe County Grand Jury.

(5) On 28 June 2010 Tennessee Judge Carroll L. Ross affirmed the law of the judiciary publicly declaring Gary Pettway has done a “great job” over the past twenty-years. Carroll Ross went on to say nothing was better settled in Tennessee State than the Dictatorship of the Judiciary. Ross said out loud that the Dictatorship of the Judiciary would appoint Pettway into the Monroe County Grand Jury for fifty-years if it so desired!

(6) On Tuesday, 5 October 2010 Tennessee Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood affirmed the Dictatorship of the Judiciary by openly and publicly allowing Gary Pettway to remain on the Monroe County Grand Jury. Jon Kerry Blackwood further allowed jurors throughout the State of Tennessee to remain on County Grand Juries aware the Tennessee statute setting jury-service term limits is being outrageously and violently disobeyed.

(7) In Roane County Tennessee it’s reported Mr. Snow stands as a permanent, professional juror on the Grand Jury for 23 (twenty-three) consecutive years. Mr. Joel Reilly stands in the McMinn County Grand Jury for 6 (six) years in a row. Professional juror Ms. Kay Redfern preceded Reilly in the McMinn County Grand Jury for 10 (ten) years running. There is a report from Hamilton County Tennessee of a juror in the Grand Jury for fifteen (15) continuous years. And then we have professional, permanent juror Gary Pettway in the Monroe County since 4 January 1990 (20-years).

(8) Jon Kerry Blackwood, rather than obeying Tennessee State law, relied upon at least five rulings from a Tennessee judge’s bench that in the extant Dictatorship of the Judiciary, the law of the judges holds supremacy over Tennessee State statue. Attorney James H. Stutts (in the name of 10th Judicial District Attorney General Steve Bebe (former judge)) reminded Blackwood that in Tennessee State, it’s the judges who rule unconstrained.

(9) Just weeks ago in her operation of the Dictatorship of the Judiciary, Judge Amy Armstrong Reedy denied Mr. Samuel Whitting trial by jury in the presence of a court reporter. Reedy then ordered the court reporter out of the courtroom. After the court reporter was gone and in the absence of a jury, Reedy ruled on Mr. Whitting’s case robbing Mr. Whitting the protection of a jury. I’m told just moments ago, Amy Reedy has caused the issuance of Mr. Samuel Whitting’s arrest warrant. (Note: Samuel Whitting is fighting a speeding ticket – traveling at 79 mph in a traffic zone where the posted speed limit is 70 mph).

(10) Ms. Angela Davis served in Monroe County on trial jury duty between 1 January and 30 June 2009. Under Tennessee State statute Ms. Davis is prohibited from serving on any jury in any part of Tennessee State until 1 July 2011. Gary Pettway’s Monroe County Grand Jury term ended last year on 31 December 2009. Mr. Pettway is lawfully prohibited from serving on another Tennessee jury until 1 January 2012. And yet Davis and Pettway both sit on this year’s 2010 Monroe County Grand Jury! We know this much only: Amy Armstrong Reedy hand picked both Davis and Pettway as jurors!

(11) The take over of Tennessee County Grand Juries was openly and publicly reported to U.S. Senator Bob Corker in the early evening of Tuesday, 5 October 2010. Senator Corker’s staffers were there. Monroe County General Sessions Court Judge J. Reed Dixon was in the audience. Staff district assistant Maxine O’Dell Gernert was present in place of U.S. Representative John Duncan. Tennessee State Representative Jimmy Matlock was there Tuesday night. There was to be sure a press and police presence.

(12) Before Tuesday evening the judicial take over of the Tennessee Grand Juries was reported to you! The Treason was reported to every Tennessee legislator. Every one! The judicial stacking of juries was reported to Governor Bredesen, State Attorney General Cooper and to the Tennessee State Supreme Court. The crime of jury-tampering is reported to every law enforcement agency you can think to name.

(13) Not a single agency claims jurisdiction to enforce Tennessee law as it goes to removing jurors from juries wherein the jurors exceed term limits. Wherein judges are discovered stacking those juries.

(14) Citizen efforts to enforce the law were met (are being met) by armed resistance. You can read about how this has worked out elsewhere. Or you can consult with staff assistant Wilkerson.

(15) For all of this, Pettway and Davis still sit at this moment on the 2010 Monroe County Grand Jury!

(16) Carroll L. Ross, operating as Ross does in the Dictatorship of the Judiciary, ordered me on 28 June 2010 not to report these matters to you (or anyone) under threat of arrest and other punishments. Ross doesn’t want folks who’ve discovered the judicial Dictatorship to report to authorities.

(17) District Attorney General Steve Bebe repeated and extended Ross’ threat on 11 August 2010. James Stutts acted as Bebe’s mouthpiece.

(18) There was once a time when issues such as those brought to your attention again today could be taken directly to a County Grand Jury and reported there. It’s because judges could not survive the scrutiny of a community Grand Jury that the judges kidnapped Tennessee’s Grand Juries. You must understand the in the state and federal Constitutions we find the voice and power of the people in the construction, the assembly and the operation of a Grand Jury. It is the operation of a Grand Jury that makes the United States a Representative Republic!

(19) The Dictatorship of the Judiciary replaced Tennessee Grand Juries with a government organ called the Court of the Judiciary. Said another way: There exists no judicial oversight.

(20) Forcibly resisting constitutional government thereby replacing that government with a rival, unconstitutional government is one text book definition for TREASON!

(21) What are you prepared to do?


10 Responses to “Memo to Mae Beavers – Subject: The Dictatorship of the Judiciary! The take over of Tennessee Grand Juries”

  1. Patricia Donwen Says:

    What can we do?

  2. Who, in TN, will stand with this hero? Who will hold the Judiciary responsible for this ongoing treasonous activity?
    It would appear to the outsider that precious few in TN are anything more than fearfull cowards who would much rather tune out this crisis and tune in the next sporting event.
    Is the “status quo” more important than the freedom and liberty of your kids and grandkids?
    No violence has occured, save that of the Judges against Mr. Fitzpatrick. No riots, no resisting arrest, no nothing. Just a state full of rogue Judges and (out to pasture) volunteer Patriots.
    My greatest fear is that those who could do something are actually awake and just too apathetic or weak willed to care.
    The tireless minority will not stop…

  3. A Crazy Old Coot Says:

    I;m thinking of moving back to Tenn. I will NOT move into Monroe Co.

  4. Hey Crazy old Coot,

    Hate to be the bearer of bad knews but what is written here is occuring all over the country.
    You can run but you cannot hide.

  5. A Crazy Old Coot Says:

    Not trying to hide, just getting out of Calif.

    Also, family is in Western Tenn. and I don’t want to get anywhere near Monroe Co. I took an oath many times to protect and defend the Constitution and I believe the oath still holds even though I am now retired.

  6. I will take up arms and pull the citizens together. Why dont the huge mass of people in the county just get their guns and go do what Tennesseans did in 1946. go here and see what was done:

    It is time for the people to just assert their authority. See how many you can get to stand up and take authority. The people do have the power if they will just come to gether and asser it. Watch what happens in Nevada as the people begin their demands to the sheriffs requiring them to arrest Harry Reid.

    • Gino,

      I pray you are just the beginning of the gathering storm for the restoration truth justice and reason in TN.
      All indications are that nothing less will do.
      Reason flew out the door when voter fraud, in the form of allowing BHO on the ballot, was allowed to occur. The powers that be have been scrambling to put out the fires of truth ever since.
      Reasonable people ask the questions and reasonable Judges acquiesce to the will of the peole by giving honest answers.
      What Walt has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that we have no reasonable Judges but rather have a shadow government little concerned with our Constitution or our rights of redress.
      Our only hope is to restore the representative form of government the Constitution lays out. You are witnessing the resultant theft, through subversion and sedition (treasonous charges both) of our rule of law and its replacement by the rule of man.
      This can only change when we make it change.

  7. […] has stolen our liberties and how a sovereign people can regain them, particularly through the grand juries.  Also you have taken a personal tragedy and turned it to good purpose by educating yourself and […]

  8. […] Tennessee is the land were the law goes to die. Tennessee is the Mother of the tailor-made, weaponized criminal court jury.  […]

  9. […] Tennessee is the land were the law goes to die. Tennessee is the Mother of the tailor-made, weaponized criminal court jury.  […]

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