Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Dictator Jon Kerry Blackwood

Tennessee judges are free to rig Tennessee juries (click here for the audio).

No Tennessee law enforcement agency is authorized to arrest Tennessee judges for any crime. Tennessee judges have rigged juries in the state for as long as anyone can recall.

Tennessee district attorney generals are principal criminal assistants. Tennessee district attorney generals protect the judges and impostor jurors from any criminal consequence.

No Tennessee law enforcement agency is authorized to arrest any Tennessee district attorney general or assistant district attorney general for any crime.

In human history we describe oppression as exists in Tennessee as Dictatorships.

Take a look around your community. You’re going to find the same thing.

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23 Responses to “DICTATORSHIP”

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  3. The old English Fifedom Rule all over again.

    When will the idiots learn.

    It is up to the governor and legislature to shut them down.

    Elect a new governor.

    • John Citizen Says:

      We did elect a new Govenor. Now let him prove,to us who elected him, that he has the balls to actually govern and get something done about this dishonorable jon kerry blackwood, sr. and save the needless destruction of yet another decent citizen of the great state of TENNESSEE.

  4. A Crazy Old Coot Says:

    And I thought California was corrupt!

  5. tuxkabin Says:

    Try living in Saint Petersburg Florida for a day.

  6. stormyweather Says:

    Good Lord! And here I thought only B’ham, AL had the most corrupt system. I have been proved wrong! You definitely need a new Governor and AG with some kahunas to go after these lunatics.

  7. mog Says:

    Have you looked at the TCA regarding constables? They have more power when it comes to making an arrest than any other law enforcement agency in TN.

  8. bill Says:

    Well apparently I don’t have any answers to our problems so the only thing I can say is thanks to Walter Fitzpatrick and all of the men/women who have stood up to be counted and brought forth a torrent of information about the criminal behavior going on,not only in Monroe county Tenn, but all across this nation.If only We could get the Lame Stream media to report the facts instead of the deception by omission policies they are presently embracing.

  9. A pen Says:

    audio webpage has “plugin error”

  10. tuxkabin Says:

    I believe the real answer to these people is (BIPOLAR). I have done quite a bit of research now and have discovered that most of them are in fact Bipolar. You can hold any office in america now days even if you are Bipolar. Ever tried to tell a nut case what to do? Just take the pill and drink the kool=aid.You can even now become president.

  11. Robert Pack Says:

    “No Tennessee law enforcement agency is authorized to arrest Tennessee judges for any crime … No Tennessee law enforcement agency is authorized to arrest any Tennessee district attorney general or assistant district attorney general for any crime.”

    Pretty stupid thing to say. There are many crimes they could be arrested for by authorities within the state.

  12. tuxkabin Says:

    Judge jon Kerry Blackwood is known as a shopping judge. When the courts need someone who will do anything for them they start shopping for an out of town judge. You need to also take note that this same Judge heard the Rocky Houston case. Some people call these judges floating Judges, they do the dirty work for the local governments who are corrupt. I see a real conflict of interest in this judges rulings, he should not even be allowed to hear this case his past is tainted. Not to mention he is a coward.There is nothing fair about this trail.

  13. tuxkabin Says:

    Call the US Marshals, forget the FBI. The US Marshals tend to step in and take care of business.

  14. Robert Pack Says:

    US marshals serve the Federal Government and have no authority in state matters.

  15. A Crazy Old Coot Says:

    With the new Tenn gov makeup, will this get Cmdr Fitzpatrick some help??

  16. Robert Pack Says:

    #14 – Nope.

    The change will just be more and more of the good ol’ boy system. You’ll see.

  17. Pattie Says:

    Walt is turning that POW camp into another Stalag 17. He is our Hogan.

  18. Robert Pack Says:

    Just saw a picture Of Walter at his hearing in his service whites with all the junk tacked on.

    Wonder how he looks in Monroe County Orange?

    Hogan? He’s more of a Klink …

  19. YeahRight Says:

    Does anyone know how he is doing since he was ‘jailed’ for some scam the courts dreamed up? I know his scam of a trial is in early December but that is all I know.

    Take care Walter you are in our prayers!

  20. YeahRight Says:

    Anyone heard from Walt since his court date?

    Hope he is doing well and lets all keep him in our prayers.

    Retired USAF Master Sergeant

  21. Robert Pack Says:

    Huh? … somebody say something? … guess not …
    oh, well … back to …zzzzzzzzzz

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