Randy Basket sent this in…click on the image to enlarge.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

9 Responses to “Randy Basket sent this in…click on the image to enlarge.”

  1. tuxkabin Says:

    Hey Walt you are lucky this guy did not show up for his fake RTO hearing.
    If you saw the latest from Saint Petersburg Florida, Criminal shoots three police officers. There were all of the federal agents involved Homeland, fbi, local and county and state police not to mention the oss forces. One man with one pistol in the roof or attic of a home. I live here in south Florida and monitored the police scanners from home one mile away, what you saw and heard on TV was not what really happened. I know you are not seeing the true picture hear. If they came for your guns, this is what your home would look like over 600 police for one gun and one lone man. They had tanks, armored vehicles, machine guns, ganade launchers. The homes in the same block all received bullet holes and tear gas fires. This seems too put all of the others to shame. What you really saw on TV was the same thing you have seen with Hitler for those who would not obey, criminal courts and Judges. Wake up America, it is coming to your front door next. Now they say the police will have over ten thousand people at the funeral of these police officers on Friday. All getting paid by us the people, free gas to and from, free transportation, free funeral, free days pay while attending and the total bill is over one million dollars to bury these men. You would think they to be Gods. Welcome to Saint Petersburg Florida it could be your town someday, the real Purgatory , of America, home to the Obama Birth Certificate Fraud. This is what the gun owners of America have to look forward to. The criminal who did the killings of these officers was black and married to a white lady, she provided hiding and housing for her husband and fire arms which led up to the killings. But since she was a single mom, and fixing to be a single women, the city of Saint Petersburg is going to build her a new home and replace all of lost property. Because she is a local Obama supporter. Everyone has forgiven her Mrs. lacey for all of her crimes aiding the criminal and her being directly responsible for the officers deaths. You have to laugh and cry at the same time here, for when they come to get you and your guns this is what you can expect. Watching sick America dye by hands of the Government employed. This story is a great starting point for you Patriots to wake up.

  2. navyjr Says:

    This is priceless; at least the Judge had sense enough to keep his dirty laundry in the background; although clearly he had something to hide too! Too bad she doesn’t know Obama that well!

  3. MacPUBLIUS Says:

    Welcome back Walt! What say we have the numerical advantage in the next engagement? 😉 Mac

  4. cgreno Says:

    I’ve missed receiving your posts! It’s great to have you back, Walt.

  5. Tony Says:

    So how was the anal rape Walt. Remind you of your Navy days?
    Can’t wait for you to do the next stupid thing have planned. Next time you’re going away for a long long time loser.

  6. A Crazy Old Coot Says:

    Tony, you are one sick puppy. Walt did nothing wrong. He only want the Constitution followed.

  7. Sandra Lee Smith Says:

    I agree with Crusty; that is sick, and uncalled for. There’s NOTHING wrong with wanting the Constitution followed; a lot of us who have taken an oath to that Constitution feel that way! And as a “white shoe” sailor, I resent the implications about the Navy in which I also served!

  8. kittycat77 Says:

    This is off topic, but it needs to go viral in a huge way: http://newsflavor.com/politics/us-politics/the-ulsterman-report-sex-and-murder-in-the-land-of-obama/

    It’s another witness about BO and Donald Young.

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